Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Is abovetopsecret.com Controlled by the Illuminati?

The  more press and publicity something receives is always a good indicator that the Illuminati have had a hand in it. Take for example this well-known conspiracy theory website, www.abovetopsecret.com

Anytime you google conspiracy theories, this one comes right to the top. Even this blog has been linked there a few times (much to my dismay). If you're in doubt, just go to the site. The second it comes up, you see ads galore, and to make matters worse, these ads are specific to your local geography. That means that the Illuminati have bought and paid for the site through sponsorship. AboveTopSecret may have actually started as an authentic site designed to enlighten us about the Illuminati, but its owners have sold out to the NWO controlled corporations. As a result of their greed, they have sold us out too, and just for the record, this blog will not be used for promotion (I have turned down several offers already).

As with all conspiracies and claims, one needs evidence to believe it. At the moment, I don't have much of a case against AboveTopSecret, but I will tell some things that will make you think. Its moderators are extremely strict about what kind of content gets posted, and we're not talking about a filter for language, decency, etiquette, etc. What we're talking about is the censorship of conspiracies. I have encountered several people who have uncovered documentation of Illuminati shenanigans and then posted it to AboveTopSecret. Within minutes, they saw their threads and posts deleted for "objectionable content." Lately, the infamous site has locked its 9/11 forum to any and all posters due to "civility." That's not exactly a credible reason given that more and more evidence is becoming available asserting a conspiracy behind that tragic day.

I can't warn you enough about this website. Unless you want the Illuminati to know your whereabouts and thoughts, stay away from AboveTopSecret! And if you must go there, whatever you do, don't post a thing.

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