Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Illuminati Rule North Korea

Knowledge about North Korea remains elusive... very elusive. However, the watchful eye of the Illuminati observe and even control the rogue nation. Symbols can be found throughout all of the photographs and propaganda released from Pyongyang, and just like with the U.S., the subtle symbolism reveals how far the NWO has infiltrated every last facet of global power.

Let's begin with the DPRK's current leader, Kim Jong Un, who allegedly has a net worth of over $5 billion. That's an unbelievable amount of cash for a socialist leader, and he keeps his fortune in numerous bank accounts scattered across the globe. Given that the banks are largely controlled by the Illuminati, that pretty much provides the link that reveals how the NWO controls the young North Korean leader. By managing his finances, they are able to exercise their influence through channels provided by neutral nations such as Sweden and Switzerland. The so-called "sanctions" placed upon him by the UN is just another means for the Illuminati to show who is really in control. To the NWO, the DPRK is a necessity. The rogue nation has been created and molded into an enemy of the West, and enemies are crucial for keeping the masses united and obedient to a corrupt government and financial system.

Next comes the hidden symbols. First, there's the North Korean Workers' Party emblem, which is three yellow tools lined up along a red background. The pattern which the tools have been placed is very similar to that of the Masons' symbol and indeed resembles a compass. This is just one sublte hint that the Masons and the Workers' Party are linked.

Another hidden symbol is the Ryugyong Hotel. This pyramid shape structure dominates the Pyongyang skyline, and when viewed at just the right angle, appears to have an eye at the top. This is once again another method the Illuminati use to show people how they are truly in charge as an "all seeing eye" watches over the North Koreans as well as their hated foes, the Americans.

The North Korean seal also shows a telltale sign of the Eye of Providence, except it comes in the form of a red star. Posed at the top of a pyramid made of grain and sunrays, the star radiates wisdom and protection down on its people. This is another little trick the Illuminati have used to hide in plain sight. While most people are convinced that the DPRK is a rogue state, those who follow the NWO know that they're just another pawn in the big game.

To the Illuminati, the DPRK is a vital asset. America needs an enemy now more than ever as the financial structure continues to buckle and head toward its eventual collapse. Kim Jong Un's unceasing antics provide a worthy diversion, one that will redirect the minds of Americans while the Illuminati continue to pull the strings. If you don't think the NWO is in control, just remember who controls Kim's purse strings as well as who has made him rich. The Kim family is definitely Illuminati and will continue to play their roles to the highest point.


  1. "You gonna eat that?" -Kim Jong Un

  2. I am the head of the illuminati, and I just want to say that this is all true and I control the US too.

    1. The real leader of the Illuminati is a top level person who lives at mount weather MB and doesn't cater to rogue nations..

  3. ^^ Shut up you prick ^^

  4. How dare you tell the supreme illuminati leader to shut up! We see you when your sleeping, we know when your awake, we know if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake.

  5. The Illuminati is Fragmented with several splinter groups. These first occured in germany. Since then there has been several other splinters since then the builderbergs and the skull and bones society are controlling the dprk and using death threats to keep control over the nation.

  6. Come on people wake up all the way, the Illuminaughty is just a breeding ground (freemasonary)and cover for the Luciferian satan worshiping global elites. North KOrea is their greatest accomplishment, just like Germany was.