Monday, March 3, 2014

The 2014 Academy Awards and the Illuminati

Hollywood has been overrun and has been that way for decades, and the 2014 Academy Awards was just another marker of the everpresent Illuminati. Between the rampant symbolism and the creepy performance of hostess Ellen DeGeneres, we need to be ready for the breakout of the NWO. It will be happening soon. 

The most overt Illuminati references can be seen in the logos of this year's Oscars. The images are very focused on triangles with the statue posed in the center. This image can be seen in everything from promotional posters to the backdrop behind the red carpet. No matter where one was, the calling card of the Illuminati was visible. Also on one image, the letter "S" can be seen emanating from underneath the Oscar. That "S" stands for Satan.

Where triangles could not be seen, representations of the sun replaced them. This is another subtle method the Illuminati uses to show its dominance. In fact, the triangle/sun motif was so predominant, it was almost as if Hollywood was doing a throwback to Stanley Kubrick. The 1960s were among the Illuminati's golden years. Thankfully, the secret order took some backlash in the 1970s and 80s when morality became popular again. Unfortunately, those days seem to be going away as homosexuality and adultery have become more than acceptable.

That moves us on to another major sign from the Illuminati. The 2014 Academy Awards had an openly gay host. 20 years ago, Ellen DeGeneres came out of the closet amid much controversy. Today, her lifestyle is no longer controversial and readily accepted by most Americans. To those few whom she does offend, they are not considered enough of a force to cause any significant protest or economic harm, once again confirming that the Illuminati are another step closer to world domination.

To everyone out there, do not get caught up in the Illuminati's brainwash efforts. The very fact that so many people care about the Oscars goes to show that these efforts are working. Why else would people become so obsessed with those who care only about themselves, become mired in scandal, and have no idea that you even exist? The only explanation is brainwash. The Illuminati have successfully convinced ordinary people to live vicariously through celebrities. That's why people laugh at poorly written monologues and trite "inside" humor. They do it so they can feel part of it. That's how the brainwashing works. 

Our message to the Academy is this: We have no one we'd like to thank for your Illuminati-controlled brainwashing program. 

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  1. agreed & well written

    1. Thanks for the props! We couldn't believe how overt the symbolism was this year.

  2. (excerpt) - from The Present, a free book at
    What do you think about this? Agree or disagree?

    1. Sounds very new age to us, and we usually see such ideas and movements as being part of the Illuminati.