Monday, March 10, 2014

Apple iPhones Predict Something Big on October 15?

We here at IW have been very focused on what has occurred in the recent past. We have brought our readers over fifty posts that report on Illuminati happenings in both Hollywood and the world, yet we have not really done much about the future. We have gone on and on about how hidden symbols predicted past catastrophes but are not reporting on what we see now. Well, that's changing today. We believe we have spotted information that indicates a catastrophic event will occur on October 15, although we are not sure about the year.

Searching for the Illuminati's clues can be a tedious or simple process. It's really about how you look at things. The strongest tell-tale messages can be staring at you in the face for years before you finally realize what they are, and what we found is exactly that. Subtlety is how the Illuminati works, and it's through subtlety that they send out their warnings. Those that do this could be closeted dissenters not wanting to reveal their identities, or arrogant members that want to see just how much they can get away with. What we found was a message embedded on an iPhone app icon.

Lately, Apple has upgraded its iPad/iPhone layout design, so this one applies to its predecessor. If you look at the clock icon, you can see that the time is permanently set at 10:15. Today, the clock icon actually keeps the time, but in the past it didn't. We think this might be the first of many hidden clues that a cataclysmic event will occur on October 15. The 10 represents the month, and the 15 stands for the day. As for the red seconds hand, we aren't really sure what that could mean. At first, we considered that it could mean the hour but dismissed it given the differentiation between time zones. We also thought that it could be part of the date. That also didn't mesh with our analysis, though we believe it represents something. The fact that it's red tells us that much. 

As for what will occur on October 15 is completely open for debate, so is the year that this will occur for that matter. We hope to have more information about this warning soon. Hollywood made many indications preceding 9/11, and we think that they'll do it again. Keep your eyes peeled for symbols, dates, and times in the upcoming blockbusters. If we've learned anything from our analyses of the Illuminati, it's that we need to recognize what's going to happen before it does. You too can train yourself to see the signs. They're everywhere, all you have to do is look.

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