Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fly Delta! The Official Airline of the Illuminati

The Illuminati have their symbols embedded in many American corporations. Whether it be Taco Bell or Paramount Pictures, allusions to the secret organization seem ever-present. They're even in the airlines, Delta Air Lines in particular. The company whose name is a synonym for triangle boasts some of the most overt Illuminati references of any major business, and it doesn't stop there. More symbols can be seen in airlines that have merged or allied themselves with the mega-carrier. These include Northwest, Air France, and commuter carriers such as Pinnacle. Without a doubt, Delta is an apex symbol of the far-reaching tentacles of the Illuminati beast.

Addressing Delta's symbolism is somewhat redundant due to its obvious nature. The airline has a long history of incorporating triangles into its logos, pilot wings, and airplane exteriors. Anytime someone steps aboard a Delta airliner, they are overwhelmed by Illuminati symbols. Just check out the logo designs throughout the company's history. It's nothing but triangles.

What's not so obvious is just how much this symbolism can be seen in some of Delta's latest acquisitions, particularly Northwest. Before merging, Northwest Airlines underwent a major re-imaging campaign where it dropped the "N" from its logo, leaving only a triangle in a circle. The previous logo represented an "N" combined with a "W," but the newer one didn't resemble anything relating to the airline. On the other hand, it did look like a direct Illuminati reference. The design update wasn't part of any kind of real marketing program. Instead, it was a clue that the airline had fallen under the control of the secret organization, and big surprise! Northwest soon merged with Delta. A triangle is also the primary logo of one of Delta's commuter carriers, Pinnacle Airlines. If you look at the seldom seen company logo, you'll see a triangle at the top.  

Another clue that should make it obvious that Delta is Illuminati controlled is what happened on 9/11. The hijacked airliners belonged to American and United. No planes from Delta's fleet were used in the attacks. This was deliberate to give the Illuminati's official airline a boost in business. People were quick to point out that American and United symbolized America, and that's why those airlines were selected by the terrorists. What does Delta symbolize? That's right, it's the Illuminati.