Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Illuminati Symbolism Hidden in Federal Department Seals

It's no secret that the Illuminati have infiltrated just about every layer of government in the United States, and it's also no secret that they leave their calling card to brag about it. The most famous of these "calling cards" is the reverse side of the Great Seal featuring the Eye of Providence. This emblem alone has generated much discussion and controversy that shows no sign of abating in the near future. To those that believe the Illuminati are planning a takeover, the Great Seal is a powerful piece of evidence, but what about other federal seals and emblems? Do they also boast Illuminati symbolism or other cryptic messages? In reality, they do. Although the symbolism is more subtle than that of the Great Seal, it is there and quite plentiful.

Most of the federal seals appear to be fairly innocuous. They depict symbols that relate to their various functions. For example, the Department of the Treasury seal shows a scale and a key, nothing sinister there, right? Another is that of the Department of the Interior. It shows a buffalo grazing across a plain, this also appears to be harmless. However, embedded in these seals are the sinister symbols of the Illuminati. You just have to look a little deeper.

One thing to take into account is the number of stars in these seals. There is no uniform amount per seal. Some seals boast only 3 (Department of Justice), some 5 (Department of Veterans Affairs), and most others have 13. That's right! 13 stars in their seals. Now, we could be referring to the 13 stars that appear over the eagle's head in the Great Seal. Those traditionally represent the 13 colonies. For the sake of argument, we will let that explanation suffice for now. Unfortunately, we have found patterns of 13 stars in all sorts of arrangements and seals where no overt references to the 13 colonies was intended. The following departments and agencies boast 13 stars in their seals: Treasury, Air Force, Defense, U.S. Marshals, and the FBI.

The significance of the number 13 doesn't stop there either. Just because a seal does not boast 13 stars doesn't mean that the number plays no role whatsoever. That's simply not true. What it does mean is that 13 might just show up somewhere else, and it does. Take a close look at the number of arrows that the eagle clutches in its claws and count them. In most seals, the total is 13, but this is also not necessarily uniform (the Department of Defense seal boasts only 3 arrows). That means the presence of 13 arrows isn't supposed to mean anything sacred to Americans. On the other hand, it does indicate the mark of the Illuminati. The following departments and agencies have 13 arrows: The Great Seal, Justice, Homeland Security, State, Congress, and many more. Beyond a doubt, the number 13 plays a crucial role in America. It's a number of Satan, and it's even more likely that America's revolution against Great Britain where 13 colonies rebelled was no coincidence.

With the number 13 being a huge indicator, attention should not be lost on other symbols such as the sun and compass points. These are also highly prevalent in the federal seals. The sun is evident in what is perhaps the most satanic seal of them all, the Department of Education. This seal boasts the Tree of Knowledge with the sun emanating behind it. This is really a dark message telling us that the Illuminati are brainwashing us through education for an evil purpose. Beware of this department and what it does (For an example of the Department of Education's sinister activities, check out our article on the Common Core in the "Illuminati's Takeover of Education). An image of the sun can also be found in the seal of the Department of the Interior. As for compass points, look towards the intelligence branches. The seal of the U.S. Intelligence Community boasts a compass point as does that of the CIA (or red star). You can also see points in the seals of the Federal Aviation Administration and the Office of Personnel Management.

The Illuminati symbolism hidden within our government seals and logos extend well past the Eye of Providence in the Great Seal. Much to the NWO's delight, we focus so heavily on that one emblem to the point that we overlook many of the others. Well not anymore, we are being ever vigilant in tracking down the most subtle of symbols and reporting them to you, so that you can be aware of whom it really is that controls your life.  


  1. Yes! The CIA floor is a white and black checkered floor. I have just become aware of this by doing a little bit of research for the blog I just started about the Illuminati. You have a lot of good information here. Would you mind if I used some of it (giving you full credit of course) in my blog? I really like your latest post about Cobain. You can check out some of the stuff I have too. Here's my link:

  2. Sure! Just be sure to provide a link, and thanks for the props.