Saturday, March 15, 2014

Investment Banks and Their Illuminati Imprints

To those who believe in the Illuminati, discovering hidden symbols in corporate logos is nothing new. They are visible in everything from fast food restaurants to oil companies, but one area that has received little attention is banks and investment firms. Much of the reason why the symbolism hasn't been heavily covered is that it's very subtle. Only a few banks boast obvious NWO trademarks. The others are not so "in your face." In this article, we're going to provide some analysis on how the Illuminati reveal themselves in the banks as well as offer some background as to their full involvement in world economics.

One of the Illuminati's principal methods of power is the manipulation of money. Today, the secret society has made currency virtually worthless. Go ahead and ask a banker about what makes a dollar worth a dollar. He's not likely to say anything because our money is literally backed by nothing. Sure, the economists will say that the nation's stability and prosperity provide the value of currency, but that's little more than Illuminati hogwash. Money must have something to support it. Otherwise, it's worthless. Even credit must be based on some type of collateral such as material assets or one's earning potential (labor value). However, the world monetary system is a complete and utter farce. Much of today's money doesn't even have a physical form. It's just data being bounced from one bank to another. Why should it have any value whatsoever?

The value of money being based on nothing has been around since the 1930s and can be attributed to economist John Maynard Keynes. Prior to the implementation of his ideas, money was backed by the gold standard, meaning it actually had value. This ended with the Great Depression, which was also caused by Illuminati financiers (The goal was to reinvent world currencies). One of Keynes' solutions to save depressed economies was to remove the gold standard and begin printing huge amounts of worthless money. It worked, although it gave even more power to Illuminati-controlled financial institutions like the Fed Reserve, IMF, and ECB. Currently, these merciless entities have total control over the money supply and can crush nations with a few clicks of the mouse.

Banking is a huge business and one of the most sleazy. Ever hear the joke about the difference between a banker and a welfare recipient (Answer: There is no difference. Both people get their money from the hard work and innovation of others). Lending money is sinister stuff and was rightfully banned during the medieval period. Nevertheless, banking has somehow become more than acceptable and has emerged as a respectable profession, and today's largest banks reveal the mark of the evil Illuminati. Beware of the intentions of these financial institutions. Their goal is not to help you purchase a house or establish a retirement fund but to get you to digitize all of your assets for when the NWO comes to power.

We'll start with Bank of America. This institution's logo doesn't boast any obvious symbolism. However, that changes when you count the letters. That's right! There are 13 letters in "Bank of America."

The next one comes from the defunct investment bank, Merrill Lynch. It's logo was the famous bull. To many, the bull is a reference to a booming stock market, but to those who know better, it's a representation of the idol, Baal, which was a heathen god worshiped by the Hebrews. What makes this one even more suspicious is that the company had a massive bronze statue of its mascot outside its office. In other words, this was a heathen idol placed on the streets of New York City!

Another Illuminati tainted logo belongs to Sun Trust. This one is very creepy and so is the name. It's almost as if the secret organization is trying to get us to "trust" them through an institution that bares an obvious symbol.

Fidelity Investments also reveals its NWO affiliation with a very clear Eye of Providence pyramid and sun. This just might be the most sinister of them all.

We promise to bring more on how the Illuminati are trying to control every last facet of the monetary system. As for now, all we can say is hang on to your gold. Do not be tempted by these "We buy gold" scams you see on television or at the mall. They are also Illuminati methods of removing assets from the people. When the banking system falls apart, gold will be the only viable currency. Those who have it will be okay, while everyone else will be struggling. Just remember what the true value of a dollar is.

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