Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tom Clancy: An Illuminati Propagandist

One of the most popular characters in America is Dr. Jack Ryan, CIA analyst. Whether it be through chasing rogue Soviet submarines, IRA terrorists, or Colombian drug traffickers, this famous icon is giving his all for the safety and love of the U.S. Created by Tom Clancy, Ryan's fictitious journey begins with humble origins as a history teacher and concludes with him holding the highest office in the country. Throughout the many novels of the "Ryanverse," Clancy depicts his character as a hero who could have chosen no other profession more noble than that of government service, and that's the tip off. The Jack Ryan novels glorify working for the CIA, FBI, and U.S. military as well as foretell numerous horrific events that have occurred, including Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine. What all of this tells us is that Tom Clancy was one of the Illuminati's elite propaganda writers.

Clancy's books provide many indications that they are little more than NWO-sponsored rubbish. Let's take a look at the glorification of two of the most nefarious government agencies, the CIA and FBI. Clancy depicts both as being chock full of integrity and honesty while serving only the American people. The goal of presenting both agencies as being pure is about earning the people's trust. Most Americans don't bother with following current events and develop most of their worldviews from pop culture. Through Clancy's work, the Illuminati are convincing people that the U.S. government can be trusted in all aspects, especially in the intelligence realm. This type of brainwashing will be most effective when the NWO comes to power, removes all elected officials, and governs through martial law which will be enforced by the CIA, FBI, and NSA. Once the time comes, people will not question these decisions because they will have been conditioned to believe that people like Jack Ryan have things under control. Now, everyone has got to know that's a lie.

Aside from serving as a brainwashing apparatus, Clancy's novels are also prophecies of disasters that could and have happened. The "Ryanverse" is filled with dreaded events such as attacks on the British royal family, nuclear bombing of the Super Bowl, and a jumbo jet crashing into a prominent American building. That's just to name a few. The list goes on. Following 9/11, many conspiracy theorists pointed to the correlation between a 747 crashing into the U.S. capitol (Debt of Honor) and the jets that flew into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

That one's dated, but what we just uncovered isn't. In Clancy's final novel, "Command Authority," the plot surrounds President Jack Ryan and his dealings with the Russian Federation. Here's the shocker! The conflict is over the Russian president's invasion of the Crimea as well as a plan to return to Communism. This is exactly what is happening today. Vladimir Putin continues his obstinacy and has annexed the land in question. Given the man's KGB background and complete disregard for civil liberties, he is also probably masterminding some kind of restoration of the Soviet Union. The fact that Tom Clancy died soon after the release of this book also adds more questions. Maybe he knew too much? What if he was planning on exposing the Illuminati? Who can say for sure?

We have compiled a list of events depicted in the "Ryanverse" and have labelled them as either having actually occurred, possibly, or not.

1) Attack on the British royal family: Possibly (Conspiracies point to Princess Diana's death as being no accident)
2) Nuclear attack on the Super Bowl: Has not occurred
3) Second war with Japan: Has not occurred
4) Biological attack against the U.S. using Ebola or other agent: Has not occurred
5) Terrorist attack against the U.S. using a jet liner: Has occurred (9/11 attacks)
6) Severe cyber-attacks against America: Has not occurred
7) Russian invasion of Ukraine: Has occurred   

What all of this means is that Tom Clancy was much more than just another bestselling author. His books are a collection of propaganda, trying to convince us that some of the most notorious government agencies function with the utmost integrity and that we should trust them without question. Not only that, Clancy's novels could very well be prophecies of future tragedies. Some have come true so far. Let's hope no more happen. The Illuminati work hard to control our minds, and they've been doing so through the character, Dr. Jack Ryan.

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  1. -Clancy its a old time anti Asian Author. With many titles dealing with "evil" chinesse and evil japanesse.