Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Illuminati and Big Tobacco

Cigarettes cause cancer, and cancer causes death. That knowledge is beaten into the minds of just about every school child here in America. Nevertheless, young people still take up smoking and become hooked, perpetuating the deadly cycle. Addiction becomes part of their lives. Many will try to quit, and a few will succeed. In the end, people will die young from a preventable cause. For years, conspiracies have emerged and even been proven that the tobacco companies covered up the deadly effects of their products as well as adding addictive ingredients like nicotine. Until the 1990s, Big Tobacco had gotten away with it. However, the advent of the tobacco lawsuits did not have disastrous effects on companies. Today, they're stronger than ever and earning more than they ever had before, and that's due to the Illuminati.

Signs of Illuminati influence are all over Big Tobacco's propaganda and product labels. The most famous is Marlboro's triangle (Eye of Providence reference) and raised "l" and "b" (9/11 reference), yet the signs are far more rampant than that. One just has to take a closer look.

Let's examine the Camel label (Just do a quick search on Google). In the foreground you only see the animal, but in the background you can see a pyramid. That's another Eye of Providence symbol. Sun symbolism is also apparent. Take for example the British American Tobacco logo. It shows a rising sun.

With proof of an Illuminati influence established, we need to explore the organization's ultimate aims for Big Tobacco. First, smoking is used as a population control. By targeting the poor and feeble minded, the companies are removing the less desirables from society. This will allow for more successful breeding programs in the future (Make no mistake, the Illuminati are actively pursuing eugenics even as we speak). Secondly, smoking serves as a means to feed brainwashing ingredients to people. We are well aware of some of the standard ingredients such as tar, arsenic, and nicotine. Unfortunately, there are probably multitudes we don't know about. Who knows what those companies are slipping into their products. 

If understanding the symbolism and the goals of Big Tobacco aren't enough, you need to consider what the lawsuits really did to these companies. When the verdicts came in, everyone thought that Philip Morris and R. J. Reynolds were doomed by the awards they had to pay. In fact, the exact opposite occurred. Because the Illuminati could no longer protect Big Tobacco, they had to let the lawsuits happen. In exchange for taking a beating in America, the secret society set it up to where no other tobacco companies could emerge, allowing them total control over the market. They also arranged for easy export to Third World countries. Today, Big Tobacco rakes in most of its profits from developing nations, and no one can touch them. 

Are you still in doubt that a megalomaniacal order controls everything, destroying us in the process? 

Don't be!

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