Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Death of Philip Seymour Hoffman and the Illuminati

Just hours before the start of Super Bowl XLVIII, the world learned of the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. According to the initial reports, the Oscar-winning actor died from a heroin overdose. At the moment, there are more questions than anything else. Was this a suicide? Was it an accident? Was this an assassination? We don't know, but we here at IW are searching for possible explanations as to why such a famous actor would die in his prime at a young age. We're considering everything concerning Hoffman, from his roles to his personal affiliations. One thing is for sure. We do believe that his death is connected to the secret order. All that is missing is a crucial link.

Examining Hoffman's roles offers some clues. The actor enjoyed portraying complicated characters that gave him a chance to really indulge his talents. His most famous role provides some insight, and that's Truman Capote (the renown homosexual author of "In Cold Blood"). Taking on this role did much to advance gay culture in America by illustrating the brilliance and cultural contributions of one man. Hoffman received his Best Actor Oscar for his performance. Another of his homosexual roles was Scotty J from "Boogie Nights." This character had a crush on the main protagonist, Dirk Diggler (played by Mark Wahlberg) and had his advances rebuffed. By portraying such troubled gay characters, Hoffman was willing to help advance the Illuminati's cause, and he was greatly awarded in return.

The circumstances surrounding his death are also highly suspicious. For example, Hoffman died in the classic "celebrity overdose" scenario and under similar circumstances to other artists like Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, and Michael Jackson. Indeed, too many celebrities seem to die young due to a lethal overdose of a controlled substance. All of which leads back to the notion of assassination. These people exchange their talents in return for riches but must bend to the will of the Illuminati. They have to do what the order says, even if they're not aware of it. Most celebrities are kept at a distance from the inner circle. However, some of them become privy to what is going on behind the scenes and this leads to trouble. In Hoffman's case, his immense success probably brought him too close the Illuminati.

If he had broken into the order's inner sanctum, he may not have liked what he saw or became disillusioned with the organization. Either way, he might have decided that going public was a necessity for the good of the people. It would not have been the first time, and it certainly won't be the last. 

Now, the question remains about why other celebrities who have claimed that the Illuminati exist are left alive, and it's a good one too. The explanation rests with the marginal success of most of them. Very few are well regarded in Hollywood, and their images are ruined once they come forward. On the other hand, someone like Hoffman would have quite an impact if he went public. His high accolades for being a serious actor give him a great deal of credibility, so much to the point where the order would find it very difficult to ruin his character as they did with Charlie Sheen. 

If someone with Hoffman's credentials came forward and asserted that the Illuminati were controlling the world in secret, people would take notice and then more would believe. The order would attempt damage control, but even it knows that much of the harm would be permanent. All of this provides the circumstances for why Hoffman would be killed as opposed to ruined if he ever decided to speak out.

As always, much of this is speculation, and we here at IW are still piecing the story together. Given that the mainstream media does a good job of silencing the true facts, we have our hands full trying to figure out what really occurred so keep checking back for updates.

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