Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII and the Illuminati

Every year the Super Bowl is usually the biggest television event boasting swarms of flashy ads, movie previews, fireworks, and of course the Illuminati. With the majority of Americans pausing to take notice, the secret order uses this spectacle as a means to worship the devil as well as getting everyone involved without them even knowing it. This is done through symbolism and music, and this year was no exception. In 2013, we all watched Beyonce flash the Illuminati sign. We believe what see saw this year hidden with Bruno Mars' performance topped it.

As the NWO supported artist serenaded the nation, we here at IW kept a careful watch as to what the true meaning of the performance really was. It didn't take long. Within minutes of Mars taking the stage, triangles began to appear on the screens behind him. These triangles spun and were emanating yellow light, definitely making them clear Illuminati symbols. The triangles did not stop there either. Just take a look at the platform upon which Mars performed, it was also a triangle with yellow lines. Once alerted to the secret order's presence, we immediately realized that the NWO was using subtlety to tell the world that they controlled the event that night.

As the halftime show continued, we saw more and more symbolism, and what we saw was very scary. At one point, all of the screens behind Mars began showing flames. This is a direct allusion to hell, and the camera angles showed the crowd with its hands in the air silhouetted against the flames. The hundreds of fans who thought they were cheering for a singer were unwittingly lured into Satan worship. What everyone at home saw was a group of people cheering and celebrating in a fiery lake, just like the devil's lair itself.

Between the triangles and the images of hell, Bruno Mars' Super Bowl halftime show was little more than a message to America, a message telling us that we are under their control and meant to burn. The game's conclusion with the Seattle Seahawks crushing the Denver Broncos was a pre-ordained certainty. Those who have set the odds at Vegas have walked away with a killing in winnings, and who do you think gets those? Regardless of who won the Super Bowl, the real champion is the Illuminati. 

To see the halftime show with all of its symbolism, click on the link below.

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