Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fort Knox and the Illuminati's Gold Heist

In popular culture, few places rival the greatest treasure trove of them all, Fort Knox. According to the federal government, this structure is the depository for the U.S. gold bullion reserve with hundreds of billions of dollars worth of bars locked in its vault. Security is also extremely tight, making the structure closed to the public. Due to these measures, what is known about Fort Knox generally comes from eyewitnesses and leaks, but how the installation came into being as well as numerous other circumstances point to this place as being another scandal by the Illuminati.

Before the creation of Fort Knox, America's gold supply was in numerous hands. The Federal Reserve controlled some, and the rest was in private hands. That changed with the advent of the Great Depression. This economic catastrophe was little more than a component of the Illuminati's master scheme to control the money supply, and here's how the order did it. To stabilize currency values, Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Gold Reserve Act of 1934. This law ordered that all gold coins and bullion as well as certificates must be handed over to the federal government immediately, that included the entire supply held by the Fed. In other words, FDR ordered the ownership of gold to be illegal (jewelry was exempted).

As private holders turned over their supply, the treasury department began melting it down and molding the gold into bars. Once this process was complete, it was then shipped to the newly constructed depository at Fort Knox. Only it really wasn't. Instead of being transported to the vault, it was whisked away by the Illuminati with whereabouts unknown. Some speculate that Nelson Rockefeller placed it in hiding or that it was sent overseas. Others suggest that it was placed on a freighter that later sunk, possibly during World War II, allowing it to be salvaged at the order's leisure. Either way, the nation's gold supply had disappeared.

What arrived at Fort Knox was bars of tungsten and other metals similar in weight to gold. With the addition of a few layers of paint, no one could tell the difference, although the Illuminati did allow for a few dozen real bars to go to the depository if the need to prove authenticity ever arose. The order knew that the public would eventually want the government to release some evidence that the gold supply was there and intact.

To further ensure success of this scam, the Illuminati made sure that the construction of Fort Knox was well known and not too secure. Lots of photos taken during the building process became available and locals from the surrounding area did much of the work. The selection of ordinary people was no accident. The Illuminati knew that they would talk about the vault and convince others that the depository was impregnable, which would create a legendary aura about the place. The locals were even hired to help move the gold. This was also part of the lie because ordinary people could say they actually saw the gold. Of course what they actually saw was tungsten ingots with a few coats of paint. However, these people were not metallurgists and could not tell the difference.

Once the fake gold had been loaded into the vault, the Illuminati ordered the depository sealed and off limits except to a very select group. As the decades passed, the order used popular culture to brainwash people into thinking that the gold supply was safely housed there. Films like "Goldfinger" did wonders to perpetuate the Fort Knox myth as did countless other books and television shows. Even the press helped fool the people when a sham tour occurred in 1974. All of these have helped perpetuate a massive Illuminati lie.

Some leaks have occurred, proving that the depository holds nothing more than a valuable secret. Nelson Rockefeller's secretary reported that the vault was empty, and she died three days later under mysterious circumstances. In the 1980s, Representative Ron Paul wanted an audit of the installation but was denied by the Reagan administration, leading even more people to believe that the treasury was hiding something. The fact that the government will not inform the people about the gold reserve's status is unsettling. The obvious explanation about Fort Knox's being classified doesn't fit because of how little security was present during the construction as well as the publicity surrounding the location. Everyone knows the gold is there, so what could be the big secret?

The reality is that the Illuminati used the Gold Reserve Act to legally confiscate America's gold and place it in hiding until its time for the new world order. Fort Knox is merely a facade, and one that is not even very important anymore. Most people have accepted the current monetary system and don't seem to care that their currency is baseless (another byproduct of brainwashing). For those who know the truth, they realize just how important gold is. At some point, the Illuminati will bring about a financial collapse, wiping out the existence of everyone's money. When that happens, gold will be the only currency accepted. Those that have it will survive in the new society. Those that don't will become slaves to those that do.

America no longer has its gold, and the history of Fort Knox is the story of how the Illuminati whisked it away. Where it could be is anyone's guess.

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