Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Illuminati Tells Us to Look for Signs in "Signs"

The 2002 blockbuster "Signs" was basically a film about humans fighting aliens, but director M. Night Shyamalan intended for it to be much more. Throughout the storyline, Mel Gibson's character (Graham Hess) talks to his brother (Merrill Hess) about how to interpret events. He says that things can be viewed two different ways. The first is that something could be a sign or message, and that the other is just a moment of chance or coincidence. As the movie progresses, events reveal that everything is a sign in actuality. This occurs when Graham realizes that everything that had been happening to his family over the past year (spousal death, son's asthma, and daughter's fixation on fresh water) was necessary in order for them to survive the aliens. In the end, he realized that he saw signs and not coincidences. Ultimately, this was the theme of Shyamalan's movie, but he wasn't referring to God.

For the Illuminati, every movie released has a purpose. Most of them serve to perpetuate the order's brainwashing efforts and to suck more money from the masses. However, some films seek to achieve alternative goals. First and foremost, the Illuminati is a religious organization that seeks to establish a new world order that serves Satan. As part of its agenda, it releases messages to the public. In many ways, pop culture can be interpreted as some kind of unholy testament filled with prophecies and wisdom. "Signs" falls into the latter category. The Illuminati is preaching a message of perspective.

This movie is about much more than having faith. It's a message from the Illuminati telling us that they place signs for us to see. Graham Hess realized that at the end. He discovered that everything had a purpose. What the secret order places in pop culture functions the same way, it all has a purpose. In reality, there are two types of people. The first consists of the believers, those who see the symbols and realize their greater significance. Then there's the other, the skeptics who think that triangles, eyes, and numerology are just coincidence. These people dismiss all of the dark references as mere accidents or inspiration. What they see is nothing, and that's if they're even looking.

The film is really saying that we need to see the signs. Everything out there no matter how small and insignificant is a deliberate message. We may not realize their true meanings for some time, but we will have the knowledge when we need it most. Graham wondered why his wife babbled incoherently before dying, and Merrill questioned his insatiable desire to swing during every at bat. Their answers could not have come at a better time.

"Signs" says much more than that, too. Not only is it telling us to see the many Illuminati references as part of something greater, it's telling us that we must heed these messages to survive whatever ordeal in which we're about to endure. The secret order is planning some kind of apocalyptic event. It could be a war, space invasion, global epidemic, or even zombies for that matter. Those who will survive are the ones that are prepared, the ones that see the signs.


  1. Its hard to control the masses

  2. very very true, sadly the majority are blind or just dont care,

  3. When ever bring up the Illuminati, people dont even know whom I'm reffering to nor have any idea how many smaller groups there are and why. As for the ones who do agree with me, it's easy to carry a conversation about events. The ones who do know about the Illuminati and choose not to agree or just make a mockery of this, I believe are too scared to realize the evil that does exist. Anywho.. I've been putting things together since I was 12 yrs old. Nothing just happens and if it does it wont circulate through the media. They've discovered during the Kennedy plot that in your face tactics eliminates the obvious thus they continue their rule..

  4. They killed the man who warned us, and then 9/11 , even though I know the truth its hard to believe sometimes.