Sunday, June 8, 2014

The George W. Bush Administration and the Dawn of the Illuminati

Beyond a doubt, the presidency of George W. Bush has been one of the most polarizing in recent memory. From his election to his leaving office, Bush generated strong feelings among all Americans. Some hated him with a passion while others incessantly praised his courage. Regardless of how anyone felt, certain facts cannot be debated. Bush was and still remains a powerful member of the Illuminati, and his administration marked the beginning of the end of our world.

Like other American political dynasties, the Bushes have deep ties with the Illuminati. This originated with the first powerful Bush, Prescott, and continued to his son (George Sr.) and grandsons (George Jr. and Jeb). Without the help of the order, this family would never have ascended to the top. By working in the Nixon and Ford administrations, George Sr. had assembled an allegiance of evil that would enact policies to accelerate a new world order. Unfortunately for Bush, the ascension of Ronald Reagan forced him to rethink his plans and make new allies. Working from the shadows of the Reagan White House, Bush Sr. along with other Illuminati masterminds such as Dick Cheney, Brent Scowcroft, and James Baker pushed their influence and bode their time until it was their turn.

Destabilizing the Middle East in order to spark a holy war between Islam and the West had always been the objective, and Bush Sr. played it off masterfully with Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Bush's defeat in 1992 was prearranged to allow a more pacifist president to allow terrorist groups a chance to mobilize and to give time for the Illuminati to plan 9/11.

By 2000, all was ready. This time another Bush would take the helm and steer America toward a holy war that will eventually lead to the apocalypse. Using the staged 9/11 attacks as his basis, he convinced Americans to support wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Even though those wars have been ended, the goal had been achieved. Muslim extremists and Middle East regimes have and will continue to hate the U.S. and Israel. In other words, the stage for the final war has been set. Aside from the necessary foreign policy actions, Bush also ensured that the economy was under even more control of the Federal Reserve that will allow for the Illuminati to completely control world economics.

As with all Illuminati affairs, the signs were there. The most obvious was the inversion of the stars on the Republican mascot in 2000. Since Bush's first campaign, three pentagrams grace the side of the elephant representing Satan and his unholy trio. However, that was not the most telling of the signs. The most direct reference to the Illuminati during the Bush administration lay on the floor of the Oval Office.

Part of the presidential tradition allows for each incumbent to decorate the Oval Office as he likes. This means paintings, sculptures, furniture, drapes, etc. are chosen according to each president's taste. Most of Bush's choices were fairly ordinary with the exception of the carpet. Instead of a solid color background, Bush selected a sunburst that radiated from the presidential seal. Between this and the pentagrams in the Republican mascot, one can only conclude that the Illuminati were telling us that this was the dawn of its rule.

Since George W. Bush was first elected president in 2000, the Republican party has been redefined. Instead of being the party of hard work, independence, and integrity, it has become the party of inequality and stupid. However, it still retains a great deal of wealth and power. This reshaping of the party has been engineered by the Illuminati to ruin the religious right, make America even more godless, and elevate the status of homosexuals. The GOP of old promoted values and intelligence. People who have those now are distancing themselves more and more from the rhetoric of Illuminati goons such as Ted Cruz, Todd Akin, and Sarah Palin.

The elevation of George W. Bush to the presidency achieved two goals, initiating a holy war between America and Islam and destroying the integrity of the Republican party. That sunburst on his carpet was nothing more than a message from the Illuminati telling us that this was their dawn.

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