Friday, June 27, 2014

Peacocks, Katy Perry, and the Illuminati

Whenever we're searching for Illuminati references, we always keep our eyes peeled for eyes, triangles, and numbers. Those tend to be the primary symbols. However, we are beginning to realize that the secret order is using other icons to make its mark and has been doing so for quite some time. Lately, we've noticed that many Illuminati-infiltrated institutions have been using the peacock as an icon. This actually makes sense given the specie's brilliant colors and religious significance.

A peacock is best known for its feather displays during mating rituals. The large crest presents an image of immensity and dominance, which has contributed to the bird's popularity. In fact, the Greek's believed the peacock to be immortal. That's not the only culture to apply significance either. Hindus and Christians also revere the bird. What makes this creature so appealing to the Illuminati may have very little to do with the crest and more with what's on the feathers.

When fully displayed, a peacock's plume is marked with an eye, and this is an obvious Illuminati symbol. Every feather has one, and when the crest is presented, it looks like dozens of eyes peering at you. That factor combined with the bird's association with royalty makes it a perfect aerial mascot for the secret order.

Peacock references have been popping up for decades with the most obvious being the NBC logo. The bird was supposedly intended to promote the network's use of color, but we now know that it means that it has been infiltrated just like CBS. Plenty of other designs could have been selected, such as a rainbow, to indicate a commitment to color broadcasts. Unfortunately, the executives wanted to emphasize their loyalty to the Illuminati.

Another reference that proves the NBC logo is no coincidence is how the peacock is used in Katy Perry's music. Not only is one of her songs named after the bird, but she frequently dressed like one during performances. If you listen to the lyrics, they sound obscene as if Perry really wants to say "cock". This is not the case, however, and she is actually paying homage to the Illuminati. This sort of thing is becoming quite common in Perry's music and videos. Each one is more sinister and darker than the last. Just check out Dark Horse if you need more proof.

We also noticed the peacock being used in MSNBC's logo. It's no secret that this cable news outlet is extremely liberal as well as the home for lesbian talk-show-host Rachel Maddow. By promoting Satanic behavior and causes, this network is serving its true masters and doing it under their brand. We also don't think it's a coincidence that former-Bush/Cheney advisers also make regular appearances. People like Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace helped the Illuminati use the White House like it's never been used before. Is it really a surprise that they would now be on this network?

So be on the lookout for the peacock. It carries the same significance as any other trusted-Illuminati symbol!


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