Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Civil War: For Slavery or against the Illuminati?

Every school kid hears it again and again, and that's the notion that the Civil War was fought to end slavery. Between history texts, scholars, and the media, no one dares challenge this interpretation. This wasn't always the case. Thirty years ago, everyone learned that the conflict was about states' rights vs. national rights, although even that is stretching the truth. Nevertheless, history has been rewritten to convince everyone that ending slavery caused the war, and anyone who says otherwise is a racist (The rewriting of history is also a card in the Illuminati game).

How did this perspective emerge and why has it overridden all possible alternatives? Are there any other explanations? Is the disdain that one would suffer by challenging this notion evidence of something more sinister? The truth is that the Civil War was about something far more troubling than the preservation of slavery. It was a conflict of good against evil. It was the one time when America tried to purge itself of the Illuminati.

Ever since the ratification of the Constitution in 1788, the Illuminati has maneuvered to establish the nation's role in the New World Order. The first moves were the establishment of the national bank and the strengthening of the federal government. With the exception of the Andrew Jackson's presidency, the secret order was moving along just fine by 1860. The Northeastern banking interests had a stranglehold on the economy and maintained close ties with the Rothschilds in Great Britain. Protective tariffs were in place, and railroads were being built across the nation. The South, however, was not behaving.

The land of cotton and cavaliers persisted in maintaining an aristocratic society that relied on slavery, but more importantly it resisted the major U.S. banks and protested against the tariffs. The South's obstinacy led the Illuminati to plan a takeover of the region in order to restructure its society. Slavery was just an excuse and wasn't even that widespread by 1860.

The majority of the Southern states were moving beyond the 'peculiar institution' and looking toward industry. Only Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina still had high slave populations, and even the percentage of whites that owned them was low. These people knew that slavery was on its way out and that technology would replace much of their labor. It was just a matter of a decade or two. In other words, slavery was on its way to dying a natural death.

One thing that these planters didn't want was being ruled by the banks in the Northeast. Southerners were well aware of the Masons and the Illuminati and wanted nothing to do with them. Little did they know that the secret order had already engineered the abolition movement and the formation of the Republican party. Slavery was just an inflated cause to brainwash people to put down any rebellion.

With the election of Abraham Lincoln, the South had had enough. The beleaguered region knew that the Illuminati was going to destroy it through banking. Southerners feared things such as a worthless national currency based on paper and the destruction of the cotton trade via tariffs. Those that owned plantations feared that their lands would be ceased by the industrialists, and that Lord Rothschild would control them all. Having no other choice, the South seceded.

The Illuminati pawn, Lincoln (who also practiced homosexuality), brought the South to its knees. By 1865, Southerners no longer had the resources nor the will to fight any longer. Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox was more than the capitulation of his army. It was the end of organized American resistance against the NWO. 

Symbols abounded as well. One thing to remember about Confederate flags is that they varied greatly, and many of them boasted moons. The moon is the opposite of the sun and symbolized fighting against its presence. Moons could be found on the colors of regiments from South Carolina and Florida as well as others. 

Remember, history has not always said that the Civil War was about slavery. That's a recent development that has emerged from academia, and we know who controls them. Americans have resisted the Illuminati, and they have done it through force of arms. Unfortunately, the Illuminati were already too strong. Its worldwide network of banks ensured a bloody defeat for the South. Do not trust the history books! They are elaborate lies designed to brainwash you into believing something that was only marginally true.

If you go through the records, you realize that slavery did not drive the Confederacy. The vast majority of Southern troops owned no slaves, and the slave owning population was small in number and shrinking. What Southerners did share was a vehement distrust of banks. Once they realized that the banks intended to take over, they rebelled. That was the Civil War. It was not for slavery, it was against the Illuminati.  


  1. Who cares if Lincoln was a homosexual?

  2. The mention of at was not to emphasize his sexuality but to point out the fact that illuminati members practice those rituals of men on men sex among other more sinister things, its a satanic group or cult its sacrelgious. Thats why there was mention of that.

  3. Is it possible to cite sources for this? You are making a lot of wild speculations otherwise.

    Facts must be discovered and proven. Evidence is necessary. Anyone can say anything online. Better scholarship can help you.

    1. I mean what is there really to cite? Only the last 3 months of the war dealt with slavery. Basic problem solving skills throw these dates on a time line its pretty easy to see the truth. Do you honestly think it would take 4 years for it to be abolished back then? Why was the war over when it was abolished? The war ended in Nov slavery ended in Dec??