Friday, June 13, 2014

Illuminati Signs and Warnings in Godzilla

The 2014 relaunch of the Godzilla franchise was a critical and box office success. Dazzling special effects combined with strong acting ensured that people flocked to see the film, and see it they did plus a little more. Embedded in the movie were symbols and warnings from the Illuminati. 

One of the greatest mistakes conspiracy theorists make is being mired only in hindsight. We watch films and music videos searching for hints about the order or any previous disaster only to discover the warnings in plain view. We cannot function that way any longer. The Illuminati have left us a manifesto to follow. We just need to heed it and be ready.

"Godzilla" provides us numerous warnings about what will happen in the near future, and it's not good. As far as overt symbols go, the Illuminati didn't leave too many. We attribute this to the fact that if it had then its plans would come unraveled due to public reactions. Instead, the only obvious reference is the code name "Operation Monarch" and its logo that resembles a butterfly. The monarch butterfly is a primary symbol of the secret order but not one of its more familiar ones like the Eye of Providence. Only those who are the most sensitive to the Illuminati would see it.

The real warnings are hidden within the film's plot. Facing three devastating monsters (Godzilla included), the U.S. military plans to lure them to San Francisco where they can be destroyed in a nuclear blast. The choice of the city combined with some of the images leads us to conclude that a major disaster is about to befall that city. Our guess is that the "Big One" will hit, but it won't happen as a natural occurrence. Even if it did, modern architecture has greatly improved a building's stability during an earthquake. The massive carnage that people expect from the "Big One" is not likely to occur. That's why the Illuminati plans to engineer the disaster, and it's warning us!

Here are the signs. First, the final battle between Godzilla and his foes occurs in downtown San Francisco, which leaves the city in ruins. We already know that this city has been tagged by the Illuminati with the presence of the Trans-America Pyramid (an obvious symbol). This sequence tells us that whatever happens to the city will destroy it.

The second reference reveals how the Illuminati plans to trigger a massive earthquake. During the fight sequence, U.S. special forces move into the city to defuse a nuclear device. When they find the bomb, they discover that the other monster has transformed it into a nest, and the nuke looks more like a massive drill. This visual bears a resemblance to the drill seen on the "Earthquake Projector" card from Steve Jackson's "Illuminati" card game. 

This leads us to the third reference, which happens to be another card from the game. This is the "Atomic Monster" card, which shows a Godzilla-like beast wreaking havoc on a random city. The game could be telling us that films depicting such beasts could precede a major disaster. The 1998 version of Godzilla depicted the monster destroying New York City. It's release occurred three years before 9/11. 

Another factor to consider is in the image of the "Earthquake Projector" card. This one is harder to decipher because the building in the image doesn't really resemble anything too specific. It appears to be a cathedral, and San Francisco has two of them. This vague reference could mean that many earthquakes will happen as New World Order takes control. Conspiracy theorists generally agree that the Fukushima quake in 2011 was no accident.

Whether or not there is any merit to what we have to say is yet to be determined, and we are not saying that a disaster is imminent. However, we have gotten much more adept at deciphering the symbols from films and cannot ignore warnings when we see them. We missed 9/11 because of those reasons, and we learned our lesson. The Illuminati is very subtle, and its warnings are hard to find. We must be very alert to what the order has planned next.


  1. Hi Bruce, I have been reading a lot lately where they are putting their plans and what is going to happen into films and even when gov. speakers talk. Just like when Rahm Emmanuel said that a good crisis should never go to waste. Did that originally come from Stalin? I can't remember. This is a good place to read. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your support! Not sure if Stalin said that or not but definitely know that the government uses disasters to restructure societies.

  2. No to be fear Jesus Christ protect us. Just waiting second coming of Jesus Christ everything is end.

  3. In times past many people turned up an eyebrow or laughed at the so-called conspiracy theorists. They thought they were crazy or off in left field somewhere, but I think people are starting to wake up to the ugly truth. The evidence is out there if people choose to acknowledge it. I absolutely believe that God is the answer, and through prayer we can confront the giants. I write prayers of many sorts, and recently I felt the need to make two that you might be interested in sharing. The first one deals with Monarch programming and Satanic Ritualistic Abuse which is used to make slaves of others. Drug lords and human trafficking people use these techniques to make slaves just as much as the government and those involved in the occult. The second prayer declaration is to combat the enemy's agenda to implement a new world order. Here are the links.

    Let's pray in a different future. The things that are impossible with man are possible with God.

  4. Has anyone seen in the opening credits as the names of the actors and producers etc.. come up and parts are being blanked out as it gets to 'production Designer Owen Paterson' it also says "The Illuminati has been using the 'Production designer' to build facilities 'Owen Paterson' to hide the study of the creature and its origins. All clues are suppressed?"

  5. This article reminded me of how they told us years in advance they would take down the trade center . I think there was an episode of x-files? That had exactly the same plot as 9/11 , hi-jackers flying planes into the towers an killing 3200 people. The sickest part to me is how they rubbed into the victims families faces. The ceremony opening of The Freedom Center or whatever they named it when seen from the air the paraders were arranged into a giant eye of occulus, and I the subway under Neath was decorated throughout with photos of single human eyes everyone of them different. They display contempt for us, almost saying see what we did