Saturday, January 4, 2014

Visit Fabulous Las Vegas: The Illuminati's City of Sin

Very few cities in America are known purely for being havens for vice, and the most famous example is Las Vegas, Nevada. This desert city is one of America's most popular tourist destinations, and it has that reputation for one reason, sin. Vegas is a satanic nest of the most wretched and despised actions of moral people. Gambling, prostitution, 24 hour wedding chapels, all of these go against humanity's most sacred morals, but they are the only reasons why people go to Vegas. Why does such a sick city exist and why is it continuously promoted as being such an amazing place? The answer lies with the Illuminati.

The Illuminati despise Christianity and all things moral. It is their fundamental mission to destroy all good in the world and replace it with sin in order to glorify Satan. The creation of Las Vegas was done for that single purpose. Once in Vegas, visitors are encouraged to forget their morals and become whomever they want whether it be a suave gambler or prostitute paying john. The motto "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is specifically designed to tell people that this is a city where you can behave as badly as you want. It doesn't matter if you gamble your life savings away at the Black Jack tables or pay for a blow job at a strip club. All that matters is that you act immorally while you are there.

Now, who is it that pushes this sick image of this twisted town. Why it's none other than Hollywood and the media. Vegas is portrayed as the number one party destination where everyone behaves badly and no one cares. Films such as "The Hangover,"  "21," and "Knocked Up" all depict characters making secret trips to this sinful mecca in order to indulge their vices. To make it all worse, the media glorifies it and promotes such behavior. In Stephen King's "The Stand," Las Vegas is depicted as the center of all evil and must be stopped. Given that the Illuminati control Hollywood, such messages are deliberate.

As with all things associated with the Illuminati, Las Vegas is rife with symbolism. The most notable is the city's Egyptian pyramid that is illuminated every night with a spotlight pointing straight into the sky. This structure is an altar in actuality, an altar that comes to life every night as people engage in the most sinful of acts. The light pointing into the sky is a telling sign that the whole city is engaged in devil worship, and what better way to worship Satan than to revel in sin.

Before the pyramid was built, Vegas was a smaller experiment with fewer symbols. However, the all too famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign is adorned with a red star. This red star symbolizes two things. The first is the sun, which is a traditional Illuminati symbol. The second is Las Vegas's namesake, the star Vega. The name "Vega" means fallen eagle when translated. The eagle represents the American people who have fallen into sin by entering this insidious city.

Those who have depicted Las Vegas as anything other than an amazing paradise have paid the price. Take Stephen King for example, the famous horror writer used Las Vegas as the center of all evil in "The Stand." The novel and film portray the city as a metaphor for everything that is sick and twisted in the world, a place that deserves and attracts evil. King indeed paid a penance for this work when he was hit by a car in 1999 and almost killed. Since then, his novels have been written to the tune of the Illuminati. One example is "11/22/63" where King promotes Lee Harvey Oswald as having acted completely alone.

So go ahead and plan that wild and crazy trip to Vegas. Just know this one thing. While you are there, you will be engaged in willful devil worship whether you are aware of it or not. Remember what happens in Vegas stays in hell!


  1. I've been to Vegas & there are alot of kids running around! What sick person takes their child/children to Vegas?! And they were out at night as well. Programming at an early age, smh

  2. i live in vegas and yes when you go to the strip its demon infested but las vegas is the only place where ive been to where there are a lot of christian churches, in our place alone you will see about 4 to 5 christian churces. i think 3yrs of living i have seen about 2 or 3catholic church 1 islam , the rest are mostly christians .

  3. You should be in a padded room.

    1. I'm saying. Whoever wrote this must be on a whole new level of stupid.

  4. Las Vegas is the Mystery city Babylon that the bible reveals in Revelation 18. God will soon destroy this demonic inhabitant city.

  5. America is the mystery city of Babylon in Revelation 18th chapter not just las Vegas.

  6. You can't engage in, "willful" devil worship if you're unaware of it. That's an oxymoron. Also, Las Vegas means,"The Meadows" in Spanish.