Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Illuminati's Bill Gates: A Possible Antichrist

This article has been a long-time coming for us here at IW, but we now believe with a degree of certainty that we have identified the Antichrist (or at least, who the Illuminati are using to perform this role). The list was long and required in-depth investigations on many famous figures including, but not limited to, Barack Obama, Warren Buffet, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, and Christine Lagarde. After an exhaustive study, we believe that the Illuminati's Antichrist is Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and currently the world's wealthiest individual.

Unlike those corporations and celebrities which are mired deep into Illuminati symbolism, Bill Gates and Microsoft appear somewhat innocent, aside from being a megalomaniacal company. Microsoft does not boast any overt symbols in its logos, and Bill Gates attempts to portray himself as a great philanthropist. However, where the Illuminati think they are being clever, they are being obvious. We here at IW spend much time examining logos and messages looking for tell-tale signs of the NWO. We find them everywhere, but we have also come to learn that the Illuminati thumbprint does not have to be present to indicate a satanic influence.

What we also look for are patterns in behavior and ideology. For example, anything that supports a gay or liberal agenda is a possible NWO sign as well as groups or technologies that can easily be used to track people, conduct surveillance, or be used to shut down the world at any given moment. We consider these factors to be much more important than merely seeing the Eye of Providence when a logo is looked at from a certain angle, and the person we identify as the Antichrist must meet extremely detailed requirements.

Those specifications go far beyond what some of our candidates were able to meet and are very extensive. First, the Antichrist must have the ability to infiltrate and influence every person's life, almost to the point of absolute control. Second, they must be actively promoting a homosexual agenda (according to the prophecies, the Antichrist will be attracted to men). Next, they need to have direct links to the Illuminati, and the final requirement is that the person has worldwide recognition.

Bill Gates meets all of the above. His company, Microsoft, has software on the vast majority of computers. Even those who rely solely on Apple products (not that it matters, both companies are in league with the NWO) still use Windows at some point in their day-to-day lives such as at work. In fact, just about every major company and bank relies on Microsoft for their primary operating systems. All of the possible competitors such as UNIX have been ruined by Gates' corporate behemoth. What this means is that whenever Gates chooses to throw the world into chaos and begin the Illuminati's takeover, he will do so by activating a program imbedded in his software. This program will instantly erase all records of finances, medical records, academics, and personal data, and thus will throw the world into complete anarchy. In other words, getting Microsoft operating system onto the world's computers is one of the staging actions for Armageddon.

Aside from the massive power wielded by Microsoft, Gates has also infiltrated numerous other areas of our lives. His news network, MSNBC, consistently promotes a liberal and pro-homosexual agenda designed to make its viewers susceptible to a lifestyle of sin and Satanism, and the online liberal news site, Slate, is also a haven for promoting social sickness and destroying religion. His infiltration of the media doesn't stop there either. Even the comic strip "Doonesbury" is written under Gates' profound guidance. Anywhere one sees Christianity and morality being attacked, one can be sure that Bill Gates is likely involved.

If these activities were only limited to Microsoft, then Bill Gates might not be our Antichrist. However, they don't stop there. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is another guise where the billionaire tycoon succeeds in destroying the world where his technology is unable to reach. This so-called charity has already been accused of providing funds to companies that only make the poor poorer and pollute resources. It also has faced problems of harming healthcare instead of saving lives. Unfortunately, the foundation's greatest damage is being done to America's schools. To the Illuminati, the most threatening element is a highly educated population, one that would stand up against the forces that are slowly taking over our world. Instead of working to improve schools, the foundation seeks to destroy public education and pass it over to poorly funded charter schools. The ultimate goal is to create a dimwitted populace that is unable to think. Much of this sick agenda is promoted in Gates' lovely documentary "Waiting for Superman." 

Now, Bill Gates matches several of the requirements so far, but does he have direct links to the Illuminati. That is a yes! While at Harvard University, Gates undoubtedly participated in its secret societies and likely showed promise as being an Illuminati star. That is why he was allowed to drop out and begin building Microsoft. His early masters must have realized that he could fulfill the prophecies. They very well may have been right. Bill Gates shows much pride in having attended the Ivy League school and still maintains a close connection even though he has no degree from the institution. This is done solely as a means to communicate with the Illuminati so that he can give orders to his minions as well as identify new talent. That's right, Bill Gates is no puppet. He is the puppet master.

Since no overt symbolism can be found, one must look even deeper into Microsoft for hints of just how evil Bill Gates really is. An IW analysis of the company's logo actually has come up with an interesting theory about what the four-colored squares mean. Here's what we came up with. Let's start with the colors first, red, yellow, blue, and green. These four colors could be interpreted as the four elements, earth, fire, water, and life. What this means is that Microsoft controls all elements on the planet including us, that IT is the master. Given how much our lives depend on the company's products, that's not much of a stretch.

We wish we could tell people to stay away from Microsoft and anything that has to do with Bill Gates, but we know that is an impossibility. Unlike the other candidates, Gates truly has infiltrated our lives to a point of near-total control. We are genuinely afraid that we may not be ready when Gates orders all Windows operating systems to implement chaos, blasting the entire planet back into the Stone Age. Just remember your rights and remember what you can do before this satanic individual starts the Apocalypse. Be prepared!

As always, keep the faith.


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