Sunday, January 12, 2014

Drive Your Way to Hell in a Ford

The Ford Motor Company has just revealed itself to be secretly aligned with the Illuminati. In a recent Business Insider article, a Ford executive explains that the GPS tracking system, which is designed to keep you from getting lost, is sending the company all kinds of information about your activities on the road. The executive didn't reveal too much other than the company knows how fast you're going and when you're speeding. However, the very notion that the GPS systems can be used for so much more than just navigation is scary to say the least.

What the Ford executive does not say is what is so troubling. If your car is sending data and that data is actually being recorded, that means Big Brother is watching you in no way that Orwell could ever have imagined. Let's deal with some assumptions first. To the novice who thinks that the Illuminati/NWO conspiracy is "total bullshit" (thank you, by the way, we know who your masters are), the GPS is little more than a helpful tool. When one starts the car and activates the system, the expectations are that the satellite just provides information about location without actually saving it to a larger database. Once that person has arrived at their destination, the information about the trip is gone forever. According to Ford, that is not the case. Your little trip to the liquor store, strip club, or mistress's home are now documented by a massive corporation that is in league with an even more heinous secret society.

And this is based on what we know, what has been made available to us. For when it comes to the Illuminati, the information is not in what is there but rather what is not there. The GPS tracking device might be a transmitter used for a variety of other purposes. For instance, auto manufacturers might be installing bugs into new cars which can be activated at any time, and the voice recordings are conveniently transmitted courtesy of the GPS. This can also include hidden cameras that could be installed in the dashboard or behind LCD screens. Given the complexity of today's cars, mechanics would be unlikely to find these devices or even be able to recognize them if they did.

To make matters even worse, the GPS can also receive signals, and this could be of highly valuable use when the Illuminati decide to take over. Once the global financial meltdown is implemented, the NWO will use its satellites to transmit a signal to all cars telling them to switch off. This can be achieved through the GPS system. A signal can be relayed through the GPS and cause the microchip to overload. This will cause a car to shut off permanently.

We are living in the end times here. Our lives are completely exposed to the corrupt forces that control this planet. There are very few bastions of individual freedoms left to us. Our advice is to avail yourself of as much technology as possible. If you own a car that lacks a GPS, by all means keep it in good repair. Make sure that all of your transactions are done in cash, and do what you can to support the Second Amendment. 

Until next time, keep the faith!

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