Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ann Coulter and the Illuminati

Ann Coulter, the thoughts that must come to mind whenever her name is muttered. To some, she is an ideological hero, combating the sick liberal left with her fiery rhetoric. Though to most people, she is an idiot, someone who just spews hate and anecdotal ramblings. However to the Illuminati, she is a useful tool that is working wonders with their brainwashing campaign.

Understanding Coulter is not an easy process and only the keenest eye (not necessarily the "all seeing eye," no pun intended) can see through her motives. To do a complete analysis, we need to take Coulter's entire life story into focus. Completing her undergraduate degree at prestigious Cornell University and then earning her juris doctorate at the University of Michigan, she boasts a highly elite academic resume, one that many great minds would love to have. Once out of school, she worked as a law clerk, corporate lawyer, and finally as a legislative analyst for Republican officeholders before becoming a pundit.

And it is by looking into her past that we can find the clues to Coulter's idiocy. We here at IW have no doubt that the woman is an extremely intelligent individual with many talents. That is also why we know she is full of crap, to put it mildly. Her work as an attorney demanded an immense amount of critical thinking and research in order for it to be passable. On the news and in her columns, Coulter's content usually consists of hyperbolic statements followed by anecdotes. She uses almost no real research whatsoever. All of this combined causes her to come across as little more than an ignorant blowhard who uses her looks to advance her career, yet we know her mind has and could serve as a great analytical engine. So the questions remain, why does she do it, and who is pulling the strings behind her rise? The answers to both reside with the Illuminati.

For liberals and many conservatives, Coulter is a scourge and an icon of the radical right. Even your most seasoned political junkies will name her as one of the first people they can think of when asked to name conservative speakers. How is it that a so-called ignorant hate-monger can attain such a status? The answers lie with those who control the media and Coulter. Currently, the Illuminati's most dangerous enemy is the religious right or rather those who embrace Christianity and basic freedoms. Coulter serves a very useful purpose in demonizing this group. Her position as a writer and pundit make her the religious right's most visible representative, and she has gained many followers. Unfortunately, she has also gained many detractors, an almost exponential amount in comparison.

To the Illuminati, Coulter is being used to destroy the religious right by making them appear as so stupid and ignorant that no one with more than one or two brain cells would join them, and it's working. With every hate-spewed tirade on the news shows, she is destroying conservatism and elevating the NWO just a little bit more. The Illuminati's war on our psyches is being fought on multiple fronts. First, they are training us to believe that an immoral liberal agenda is the correct ideology while simultaneously convincing us that embracing morals and religion is the equivalent of idiocy. Ann Coulter serves as a vital weapon in the Illuminati's all-out assault on conservatism. She is an infiltrator at the highest level, and too many are blind to her true motives.

If what we have said so far is not convincing, then consider this. Coulter has dated many men but has never been married. It doesn't take much of an assumption to believe that she is an adulteress, despite her numerous proclamations of following Christianity. One of her boyfriends was even liberal Democrat Andrew Stein who sat on the New York City council. Unfortunately for Coulter, this had to end once it became public. The Illuminati didn't want to risk tarnishing the image of one of their top infiltrators. For her efforts, Coulter is extremely well compensated and gets to live a life of luxury, and this will continue as long as she obeys her Illuminati masters.

After all, no one who comes across as being so ignorant and angry can rise by accident. This was all part of a greater design, a design by the Illuminati.


  1. Very perceptive... fast forward to 2016 and ask "what on Earth is Ann the conservative Christian doing with Milo the Gay-Alt-Right, both stomping for Trump?! Co-incidence?! It is typical of the long-term confidence trick... build someone up, say, Russell Brand, who gained lots of sympathy by venting the anger towards the system of rigged politics, then bam asked everyone to vote for Ed Miliband. Genuine, they appear all along. Yet... contrived in retrospect.It takes a long time to detect such confidence strategies.

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  3. I’m not a fan of Coulter, but this is such a low IQ trash article, it’s embarrassing.
    The “It doesn't take much of an assumption to believe that she is an adulteress, despite her numerous proclamations of following Christianity.”
    Part really makes conservatives look far more stupid than Ann ever could.
    Not just stupid, but classless and without taste.