Tuesday, May 20, 2014

IW Action Alert: The Illuminati Are Succeeding in Making Us All Gay!

In the beginning of May 2014, a scary report emerged on the the Daily Mail and the Huffington Post stating that over 90% of men in a study group (college athletes) had confessed to cuddling and even spooning with another man. This study was completed in the UK and published in the Journal of Men and Masculinities. The overall point of the research was to show that the old taboos surrounding same-sex relations were rapidly becoming the product of older generations and that today's youth were much more open to experimentation if not blatant bi-sexual behavior.

For years, advocates of homosexual culture and gay marriage have claimed that propaganda aimed towards our youth would have no effect other than to encourage tolerance of same-sex relations. The opposition disagreed, asserting that promotion of homosexuals as being "normal" and legalizing gay marriage would have a damaging effect on traditional heterosexual relationships. As the debate raged, the Illuminati-controlled media dismissed all of the opposition's claims as ignorance and bigotry. Well, who's ignorant now? You got to realize that when an academic journal asserts that an overwhelming majority of a control group has experimented with homosexuality, it's a very candid admission by the secret order that its brainwashing is working.

Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the music industry are being used by the Illuminati to destroy all of our most sacred institutions. How can our children resist the temptation to sample a homosexual lifestyle when icons such as Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, George Takei, and Anderson Cooper are telling them to go for it. That's right, go ahead and make out with your best friends. It's okay. Hell, it's even cool.

What we're seeing is nothing like the Civil Rights movement that was intended only to promote racial equality. The campaign for gay rights goes far beyond social and legal acceptance and seeks to make all people bi-sexual if not completely homosexual. What we've been seeing in the news is just the beginning.

One thing to remember is that homosexuality is no more natural than Down syndrome, deafness, or blindness. Yeah, it happens to some people. They're born gay, but it's a disorder that needs to be treated, not embraced. Take this as an example. Let's pretend that deafness is becoming very popular in mainstream culture and that being deaf is perfectly okay. Would people begin destroying their hearing to explore that lifestyle. No, they wouldn't. People know that their hearing is too valuable to sacrifice. Well, the same can be said of our sexuality. What a man and a woman share is beyond precious and should not be tainted with thoughts of those of the same sex.

The very notion that people are beginning to embrace homosexual tendencies instead of merely accepting gays are living proof that the Illuminati are succeeding in its quest to turn our world into Satan's play land.

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  1. I have to argue that some are born gay. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Adam and Eve sinned and were kicked out of a perfect place. Anything we do that God (Yahweh) says is sin, it is sin. Being homo is a sin Choice. Yahweh says it is an abomination. Check out Leviticus18:22 and Lev. 20:13. I mean people would have to believe what in Yahweh says. Most people don't want to be accountable to a Holy God and be their own god (small g). He says it's detestable, then it is and there are no non believers in hell sad to say.

    1. It is not a choice... it is mind control... my brother is gay & he was raped by priests when he was an alter boy. He was manipulated into it. Trauma at a young age warps the mind.... they are mind controlling people into being and doing things they would not do if they were really free... if they truly had freewill.... I would hope that God would forgive those who are absolutely victims of mind control, since their freewill was severely impeded.

  2. I agree with most of this, but it is totally normal. What's not normal is the SEX. I know the difference of having that feeling in your chest, and in your pants. The brainwashing acts on sex, because they're all fucked and they want everyone fucking everyone. Turn gays straight, straights gay, turn them bi, it all fuels their agenda. I say just be true to yourself, but it's hard in a world where the devil seems to be around every corner, making it as though nothing is safe. To me, the way various conspiracy theorists have put it, NOTHING is normal; We've all just been conditioned to do everyyythiing. I've never been fucking raped because my parents are good people, and I know for a fact sexuality is another part of you, such as skin colour, so don't fucking spread bullshit. I do believe they are encouraging SEXUAL BEHAVIOURS but not who people LOVE. Love is the only thing I can trust, so fuck your shit about being "made" Gay. They simply push thoughts into peoples minds, suggesting, tempting, and I know because he's gotten to me to, I know what I'm saying. Made me think of fucking my girlfriends, but never have. Made me think of fucking the neighbours, and they must be getting attacked by them too, because they're all fucking after me. Love is not wrong; sex with someone you don't love is wrong.

  3. So fuck yo bitch shit, trick. Go suck sum dick naow.

  4. These are some things that I have noticed and observed:

    First, gays are always talking about their rights and comparing it to the civil rights movement. This is a ridiculous argument.

    The civil rights movement is based on equality, that all of us are created equal. No one can control the color of their skin, or where they are born. The bible tells us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. It makes sense that we should accept those that are of different colors, physical abnormalities, or nationalities.

    Being gay is not a genetic trait, no one is born this way. There may be environmental, sociological, and psychological triggers that make it easier for one to be gay, but being gay is a choice. There are studies that firmly disprove the "supposed" gay gene also. Specifically a study based on identical twins, that confirms that being gay is a lifestyle choice.

    When gays claim they were born this way and compare this to the civil right movement, it upsets me. This is a lifestyle choice that God has condemned, to compare it to the Civil Rights movement is an hypocrisy.

    This is a immoral decision that gays want the rest of the world to accept, to alleviate the guilt of this immoral, and evil decision. This is to appease their well being, and to be able to steep themselves in this sin, alleviating the guilt.

    This is akin to drug addicts brain washing the rest of us into thinking that there is nothing wrong with being a drug addict, and not admitting that they have a destructive addiction.

    Obviously, both are destructive addictions. The first step of any addict is to admit that they have an addiction. The saddest thing about gays today, is that by having everyone accept their addiction, they don't even realize or accept that they have an addiction.

    Finally, there are many gays that say they aren't hurting anyone. How wrong they are. Not only are they hurting themselves, but they are hurting everyone around them.

    Stop and think for a minute, what makes a strong, stable community?

    Ideally, this is where you have a mother and father, that stand together, rising their children in a healthy and stable environment.

    Homosexuality tears that apart, as does many other problems in our society.

    The major problems that I see today are: segregation and breaking down the traditional family values.

    This goes way beyond homosexuality. For example: racism, religious differences, porn, gender confusion (guys dressing like girls, vice versa), abuse (woman being applauded for being abusive, yet not being called out on it), divorce, and so on.

    The other issue I have with our society accepting this, is what's next? Which other immoral and evil sins will we accept as a society?

    We are truly in the last days.

    Those of us who are speaking out against this are being labeled as (evil), and the sins that the world wants us to accept, they are calling (good). Sound familiar?

    Good shall be called evil, and evil shall be called good.

    1. Thank you. I could not have written that better myself.

  5. Illuminati are aiming to destroy masculinity...
    What is right will be questioned and what is wrong will be praised...

  6. I occasionally hear about homosexual behavior among animals. I would like to know what that means. Do they actually penetrate or have an orgasm. A dog will spontaneously hump if he gets into position. So do animals have anal sex? Do animals have oral sex - to orgasm. I don't count cleaning itself or a lick. I don't think they do.