Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Kubrick Conspiracy

For years, much talk has circulated about Stanley Kubrick and whether or not he was linked to the Illuminati. I for one want to put those theories to rest and treat them as fact. Between his earlier films, the subtle messages revealed to us in "The Shining," and his sudden death following the production of "Eyes Wide Shut," I don't think any doubt remains about just how strongly the New World Order controlled the famous director.

Let's start with the beginning. Originally, Kubrick was just another director who served the Illuminati by obligingly placing their symbols in his films. The most blatant imagery was placed in "A Clockwork Orange," where the Eye of Providence sits prominently within a pyramid. Other messages can be seen in such films as "Full Metal Jacket" and "2001: A Space Odyssey." In the the former, Kubrick is communicating how the military and government institutions can control people through brainwashing. The latter movie emphasizes that forces unseen and unknown to us have ultimate control over our lives. The computer, "Father," symbolizes the Illuminati. Of course, these represent just a small handful of subtle messages that can be found throughout Kubrick's film anthology.
Ultimately, Kubrick became the tool to conduct one of the NWO's most dastardly stunts and that was faking the Apollo moon landings. Being a part of the Illuminati's sinister plans in such an intimate way distressed the director to a point where he had to defect, but he didn't want to do so at the cost of his own life and freedom or maybe even that of his family. Since the Illuminati were experts at planting subliminal messages, Kubrick decided to beat them at their own game and planted quite a few of his own. These can be seen in "The Shining" and are also highlighted in the documentary "Room 237."

Eventually, the Illuminati became wise to what Kubrick was doing and realized that the man was about to go completely public and confess his affiliation with the secret society. This confession could be found in the true director's cut of "Eyes Wide Shut." The very film itself was a testimony about the Illuminati and how they controlled everything. Even the title itself reveals how we all see but are completely blind to what the NWO truly does. Also, check out the poster and see how Nicole Kidman's one eye is staring out at us, which is another representation of the Eye of Providence. Because of Kubrick's candor (which would still be sublte by the public's standards but too much for the Illuminati to tolerate), the NWO had little choice but to eliminate the director and release a heavily edited version of "Eyes Wide Shut" to the public. Those who worked on the film were likely intimidated into maintaining strict silence.
To all of the Illuminati skeptics out there, the story of Kubrick's career should eliminate any doubt about the reality of the NWO. The subtle symbols are too numerous, and once you start looking for them, too obvious. They cannot be ignored. Kubrick's life is the story of a man who worked more closely with the Illuminati than anyone else without becoming a permanent part of the order, and his efforts to reveal them to the public deserve our attention and gratitude.

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