Monday, May 12, 2014

Harvard University: The Source of the Four Horsemen

Illuminati watchers are all too familiar with the secret order's symbols, and they are very good at spotting them. Within hours or even minutes of an appearance, they take to the blogosphere to write about them. Sightings of eyes, pyramids, suns, and compasses are very common and swiftly reported. However, one type of symbolism has been going relatively unnoticed until now, and that's apocalyptic references. 

What we mean by "apocalyptic" extends beyond disaster films such as "2012", "The Stand", or "The Day after Tomorrow" and focuses primarily on symbols pertaining to the book of Revelation. Such references include allusions to the opening of the seals, the Final Judgment, and the Four Horsemen. Sometimes these are spotted, but they are almost never connected to the Illuminati. We here at IW think differently and believe that the secret order is placing subtle and overt references to the apocalypse in everyday culture. Aside from searching for the usual symbols, our team is also now concentrating on finding these signs. We also think that as they become more common that the NWO's world takeover will be in the immediate future. 

Our first discovery of apocalyptic symbols comes courtesy of Harvard University. Given this school's status as being one of the most reputable in the world, assuming that it's a recruiting and training ground for the Illuminati is perfectly valid. High profile members such as Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Gates (the most likely Antichrist candidate), Mark Zuckerberg, and John Roberts have either attended or graduated from the college. This means that the Illuminati has likely chosen its Four Horsemen from this school. As time passes, check to see who are the best candidates for the Antichrist and False Prophet and look at where they attended school. We bet that their alma mater is Harvard.

Before we continue, we should clarify how we view the Illuminati's interpretation of the Four Horsemen. According to Revelation, each of the riders symbolizes conquest, war, famine, and death. This symbolism can be interpreted in any number of ways. However, we think that the Illuminati plans a literal approach and will have individuals represent each rider. The rider of the white horse (conquest) is meant to be the Antichrist, and that is the first one to look for. So far, Bill Gates is the best candidate due to his immense wealth and worldwide influence. It's no surprise that he went to Harvard.

The best reference to the Four Horsemen is color. Each rider rides in on horse of a different color. These are white (conquest), red (war), black (famine), and pale (death). A comparison of the colors of the horses with those found in Harvard's seal reveals a direct reference. The colors of the four horses are the exact ones used in the seal. Instead of placing the obvious symbols such as an eye or triangle, the Illuminati are being far more subtle and far more sinister. Whenever a pyramid or compass is seen, it's simply a message saying that the NWO is in control. Unfortunately, apocalyptic references indicate that not only does the secret order have great power but also that it's preparing to unleash it to fulfill its destiny. That's probably why these references are not nearly as overt as some of the others.

Stay alert for these symbols! We'll be searching for them relentlessly. If they're not easily found in film and music, they will be soon. And be sure to remember to check for connections to Harvard University.



  2. They can prepare for a 4000 years . they are still gonna lose. I don't let it make me fearful, it makes me happy because for a long time I questioned faith without evidence , but faced with the presence of evil I am awake and expectant and hopeful for where there's evil surley there's good.

    1. You can't have Satan without Jesus and He's been training to kick Satan's ass