Thursday, May 29, 2014

9/11 References on the Beastie Boys' Album Covers

The music industry has always been rife with Illuminati symbolism, and it has gotten significantly worse and more satanic in recent years. Triangles, the all seeing eye, and images of devil worship have become the norm in today's music videos. While Illuminati symbols have been ever present in the works of recent artists, one thing that has not been commonly sighted is references to catastrophic events, 9/11 in particular.

We've spotted several direct references to 9/11 in the album covers of the Beastie Boys. These disturbing images reveal that someone was inserting subtle warnings about what the Illuminati had planned in 2001. They begin with the group's first album, "License to Ill", released in 1986. The cover depicts a very detailed image of an airliner crashing into a wall. What makes this even creepier is that the plane belongs to American Airlines (This can be discerned from the metallic color of the fuselage as well as the red, white, and blue stripe running along the side. The logo on the tail has been replaced by one for the band).

These images continue to allude to the tragedy almost like a serial. In one of the Beastie Boys' compilation albums, "The In Sound from Way Out" (1996), the story continues. This time a blurry image of the New York skyline can be seen with what appears to be an explosion emanating from the World Trade Center. This can be seen as part 2 when connected to the cover from "License to Ill". The picture of the crashing airliner reveals the first part of the disaster, and the image of the exploding towers shows the second.

Once the tragedy had occurred, the Illuminati didn't hesitate to use the Beastie Boys as a means to gloat about its success. In 2004 the group released another album, "To the 5 Boroughs". The cover depicts a pre-9/11 NYC skyline and prominently features the Twin Towers. When juxtaposed with the other images, this one is a clear celebration of the Illuminati. The secret order had been planning the attacks since towers were first built (maybe even earlier than that) and had given subtle warnings in popular culture just to see if anyone was really paying attention. The 2004 cover is a testament that the Illuminati can easily hide in plain sight and continues to thrive on people's lack of belief.

As for the Beastie Boys and their music, all we have to say is that we're too busy fighting for our natural rights to think about fighting to party.  


  1. absolutely
    the song sabotage also perfectly fits this thesis

  2. Mere coincidence. That terrorists saw it earlier and thought "yeah... that's a GREAT idea" seems plausible but no world conspiracy going on here. Interesting though.

  3. There was a whole bunch of albums taken off the shelves after 9/11 an they told us they were GOIN to do it years in advance in movies an t.v. Google it