Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Donald Trump Wants to Expose the Moon Landings: Read the Tweets!

Recently, one of our IW contributors spoke with someone affiliated with the Trump campaign and learned some very interesting things involving the media's incessant war on the president. "This whole thing is little more than a ruse to paint Trump as a liar" they said. We of course listened intently and gathered more information. Our informant continued, "Listen, it's all bulls***. The president is sane, more sane than any of his predecessors. He wants to get the country on the right path, and the media won't let him." We agreed with this stance but inquired more about the underlying causes. He answered with "The media war, yeah it's all part of a larger strategy. Okay, so here goes. This whole thing is about secrets, lots of secrets. I don't have all the details, but I'm pretty sure that the president wants to blow the lid on some of them." 

This piqued our curiosity. We know that the government and the Illuminati are hiding everything from the people in order to brainwash them into submission and then oblivion, but we needed to know what kind of secrets that Trumps wants to expose. We asked for details. "Hey, I don't know the specifics. I wasn't that high up. They're big, okay, really big, and the media is doing everything they can to ruin his credibility to stop him." At this point, we thought we were being taken. We get tips all the time from people that turn out to be nothing at all. "Hey, I'm not trying to waste your time here. It's big. Go to his Twitter feed to find the clues. Your team excels at finding the hidden symbols."

We did exactly that. At first, we didn't see much other than the usual updates about meetings with foreign dignitaries and defending himself against the media, but after a few minutes of looking, everything became clear as day. Trump is trying to tell us that the moon landing was faked. Here's the pattern.

On June 30th, he tweeted about meeting South Korean President Moon. The fact that his name is "moon" is no coincidence. This also coincides with his Joe Scarborough and Mika whatever her name is feud. 

Later that day, he tweets about North Korea and having no more patience with the Kim regime. This was released to get his audience thinking about rockets, which North Korea has been launching at a fairly consistent pace.

And finally on that day, he announced the restoration of the National Space Council, promising that America will once again be leaders in space exploration. 

The next day, July 1st, Trump amplified his attack on CNN and the other media outlets, dubbing the channel as the Fraud News Network. He continued to reiterate this point throughout the day, and the media fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

Here's how it all adds up: Moon + Rockets + Space Exploration + Fake News = Lunar Landing Hoax Exposed!

We believe that the June 30th tweets are an indicator that Trump is trying to communicate to us that the moon landings were faked, and he stoked the flames of the media war deliberately as a diversion. This is huge. The president is the first in history to communicate his true thoughts and feelings to his supporters via social media, and he knows that it's the only means to get out the truth. Is there any limit to his brilliance? 

If you still don't believe, then take Buzz Aldrin's recent actions into account. He was there when the president gave his big speech, and he looked pissed, and even lamented that not punching Trump was his greatest achievement. You can bet this part is true too. What angered Buzz so much was that he knew the president was secretly releasing his subtle messages about the lunar landing hoaxes. What could be more enraging to a man who has built his life story based on a lie.

The moon landings are probably the greatest fraud that the media unleashed on the people. Trump's prior history with the Illuminati likely gave him access to the order's deepest secrets. Now, he wants to expose them. We will continue to closely monitor the president's Twitter feed for more symbolic reveals.

Go, Donald, go!!!

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