Saturday, June 10, 2017

IMAX Theaters Are Illuminati Brainwashing Chambers

The Illuminati is subjecting the public to constant brainwashing. Whether it's through pop culture, foods, or the media, the secret order is subjecting everyone to its mind warping propaganda. No where is this more evident than in IMAX theaters where intense visual images combined with digital sound systems wrack the brain's neurons to create subtle electrical patterns that incline people to have the Illuminati's intended mindset. These wretched contraptions, first introduced in the 60s and 70s, have worked to derail the populace's perception of reality and transform them into mindless drones that will follow whatever is put in front of them.

Thanks to our team of researchers, we have pieced this conspiracy together from the findings in various but credible sources. What the evidence shows is that certain visual patterns when flashed in a particular manner can have lasting impacts on the visual senses and might even alter perceptions within the brain. IMAX imagery does this through enhanced resolution that allows for these patterns to be emitted without the audience knowing. People in the theater may think they're taking in some visual effects extravaganza, but they're actually having their minds scrambled. 

The advent of digital sound effects also adds to this barrage against sanity. By locating speakers throughout the theater and coordinating the release of sounds by computer, these systems attack the brain through the auditory nerves simultaneously with the assault on the visual senses. Often people report feeling disoriented when a film is showing. Symptoms of dizziness, nausea, and disorientation are not infrequent at IMAX theaters. Such brainwashing techniques have even been known to drive people to suicide. Remember when Avatar was released in 2009? Reports of people killing themselves after seeing the movie increased. The dastardly media in another of its 'fake news' analyses said that these people had gotten depressed because they were so sad that Pandora was much more wonderful than Earth. What a load of hogwash. Here's how it really went down. Releasing Avatar in IMAX and 3D formats prompted more people to experience films in this manner. With increased crowds subjecting themselves to such intense brainwashing, more people who could not handle the effects went mad and ended their lives. To put it in other words, they experienced a brainwashing overdose.

Another thing to consider is that the Illuminati always hides in plain sight. This is also evident in the name 'IMAX.' When properly dissected, this label sounds like I-Max or Eye-Max. What it actually represents is the phrase "Illuminati to the Maximum." This is terrifying to say the least. Perhaps the order is communicating to us that this is where the maximum amount of brainwashing can occur. Who can tell for sure? All we can say is that now you know, and your knowing will help protect you from the darkness that is the future.  

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