Saturday, March 11, 2017

Donald Trump Must Destroy the Federal Reserve

It's no secret that we here at IW support Donald Trump as our president. While we don't always think he has completely severed his ties with the Illuminati, we do believe that he has broken with their overall goals of ushering in a New World Order. However, if Trump wants to prove once and for all that he favors the average American and not the Illuminati shills, there is one task that he must complete, dismantling the Federal Reserve System.

Composed of 12 banks and one governing board (13 entities all together, yes, that is 13!), the Fed controls the American monetary supply as well as much of the world's. Established in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson, the Illuminati created the Fed to begin globalizing the economy. It is also another reason the order sank the Titanic. Several influential Fed opponents such as John Jacob Astor and Benjamin Guggenheim stood to block the institution. What better way to eliminate the opposition than to sink their ship in freezing waters. With the Fed in place, the Illuminati began to control the national economy through issuing currency and manipulating interest rates. Following World War II, the Fed's influence became global with the implementation of the Marshall Plan, which forced all of Western Europe to adopt the American economic system. Needless to say 1913 was a bad year. It was the beginning of the Illuminati's maneuvers to a global economy that were brought to near completion after two world wars. Today, we live under the phrase of "globaliztion." The Clintons and Bushes were big proponents of that concept. The election of Donald Trump has placed a halt on it, or so it appears.

If Donald Trump really is our knight in shining armor, he will begin to dismantle the Fed. Andrew Jackson had the courage to eliminate its predecessor, the Bank of the United States. Now we wait to find out if Trump has the same courage. If he doesn't, then it's unlikely he made a full break with the order or is too fearful of the repercussions. But let's face it, America can never be great again in a global economy where we parcel out our hard earned wealth and resources to other nations. By eliminating the Fed, we can take control of our economy and prevent the giant megalomaniacal federal government from interfering in every last facet of our lives. 

Trump is the man to do it. He is the only politician to stick it to the establishment and finally respond to the people. He is removing illegal immigrants who are taking our jobs and consuming our tax dollars. Can he go a step further and restore our economic greatness? Dismantling the Fed is the key to shattering the Illuminati's one world economy. As president, he is in a position to do it. Will he act? We hope so but are not optimistic.

Make your voices heard and proclaim that the Fed must go!


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  2. Sir,your facts are wrong entirely.The titanic sank in April of 1912, a whole year before the Federal Reserve on December 23 of 1913.So the Reserve could have no influence on the Titanic.And the Marshall Plan was not till after World War 2. You sir are wrong and will always be wrong.
    Sincerely President Donald J. Trump

  3. Opponents of the Fed were on the Titanic. Women and children first to the life boats. As a gentleman, you would not skip the line. So, Guggenheim and his fellowmen died in the icecold water that night of April 1912.
    A brilliant plan to overcome the final obstacles - and the Fed was created the following year.

  4. WORLD WAR 3 ????????????