Saturday, March 4, 2017

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds: The Illuminati Plot Thickens

To be perfectly honest, we here at IW were not shocked to hear about the untimely death of Carrie Fisher, and believe it or not, we don't think there was any conspiracy around her death. Now, we do know that she was a member of the order and had undergone significant MK Ultra brainwashing. This is what explains her constant and severe drug abuse, and that's what put her in an early grave. Decades of snorting coke and swallowing tons of Prozac aged her body to where she looked 20 years older than she actually was. Of course that took an effect on her heart, which abruptly failed while she was flying home to Los Angeles. So in the long run, there really wasn't much of a story from a conspiracy theory perspective. A lifelong junkie died, big deal. We were surprised, however, that the media did not disclose just how severe her drug problem was and cloaked it under the guise of mental illness. Maybe they were trying to be respectful, but since when has that ever happened.

It's what occurred next that has Illuminati conspiracy written all over it, and that's the death of Fisher's mother, Debbie Reynolds, just a couple of days later. According to the media, she died of a broken heart. Seriously, they actually said that as if it was a genuine medical condition. The order must be getting lazy these days to try and force that one on us. No, I think it's safe to say foul play was afoot in Reynolds' death. 

What likely happened was that Reynolds was so grief stricken to the point where she was going to expose the Illuminati for having driver her daughter to an early death. Having been in Hollywood her whole life, she knew the system and what someone had to do to make it, which was joining the order. That also meant enrolling her children in brainwashing programs. She likely let them start working on Fisher as early as infancy. Since the 70s, the Illuminati has created a variety of MK Ultra programs for the stars. The best known is Scientology with its Celebrity Center scrambling neurons on a daily basis.

With Donald Trump shaking the status quo with his election, the Illuminati could not afford another leak. Eliminating Reynolds may have been a premature action. She may never have intended to go public at all. Her grief may have prompted an outburst overheard by the wrong person. What we do know is that her death immediately following that of her daughter's was not the result of a broken heart. Someone in the order knew that she had to go in order to protect itself. 

Remember, if it seems like a strange coincidence, there's probably something else at play.


  1. I can't wait to read what you write. This is informative. What other sites do you recommend? I found this one, but doubt its authenticity.

  2. This is a really interesting conspiracy theory that I have never heard of before! There's tons speculation of celebrities being in the Illuminati, like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Beyoncè, so maybe you could write about those celebrities as well.