Sunday, May 8, 2016

Donald Trump, the Death of Prince, and Secret Illuminati Dealings

The 2016 Presidential election has taken a turn for the strange. Donald Trump, the candidate that appeared to be fighting back against all Illuminati interests, has captured the Republican nomination after his last two rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, dropped out. The events following the Indiana primary have been perplexing to say the least, especially to Illuminati watchers like ourselves. Add all of that to the mysterious death of Prince, and the conclusions that something very evil is taking place cannot be ignored.

We here at IW continue to stand by our assessment that Donald Trump was originally an Illuminati member. He may not have been one of the core bloodlines, but nonetheless he wielded great influence. Something caused him to lose faith (or face) in the order and caused him to go rogue, thwarting every attempt to stop him along the way. The Illuminati likely recognized this and recalculated its plans. Maybe, this was a case of Trump showing the order that its strategies were inaccurately calculated and that there were variables that had not been adequately considered. Then again, this was all probably a Trump coup. He was going to take over and expose all of the Illuminati's weaknesses along the way. Whatever it was, the audacious run of Donald Trump the anti-establishment candidate is coming to an end, and the return of Donald Trump the Illuminati shill is at hand. 

Several signs point to this, most notably the sudden withdrawals of Cruz and Kasich. Looking at the math, they still had a chance to block Trump's nomination at the convention, but they chose not to following Indiana. These two had poured too much into outlining a strategy to give up following one state, especially with delegate-rich California up for grabs. Something had forced their hands and convinced them to quit. That something was the Illuminati.

Without a doubt, the order's horse in this race is Hillary Clinton. She's the one who will continue to cement a global economy that will eventually introduce a single currency that will be digital (Bitcoin is the prototype for this). Once that happens, a worldwide database crash will occur. Look for North Korea or other "rogue" nation to get the blame. Then a colossal war will follow with the end result being the New World Order. Clinton is the one who will advance this agenda, Trump not so much. However, the Illuminati needed to hedge its bets and had to ameliorate tensions with the real estate mogul who was also ready to reach a bargain given that the Cruz/Kasich alliance was a real threat. 

Secret negotiations ensued and whatever dispute Trump had with the order was resolved. Unfortunately, the Illuminati had to pay a price to show its sincerity and that was a high profile sacrifice. To appease the Donald, the order had to eliminate a celebrity, and Prince would do. The pop star from the 80s and 90s had fulfilled his purpose when it came to brainwashing the masses, meaning the order had no further use for him. His elimination was a small price to pay to bring Trump back into the fold. During the negotiations, Trump probably wanted the assurance that he would win the presidency, which the order would not give. Knowing that the Illuminati would not budge, he asked for a sacrifice (rituals were involved), and soon enough Prince was found dead.

The timeline for all of this is just too convenient. Prince died on April 21st, and the Indiana primary occurred less than two weeks later. Within 24 hours of the votes being cast, Donald Trump could call himself the presumptive nominee. The Illuminati had kept its end of the deal. Now, it's time for Donald to do his part. Watch as the Republican party slowly unites around him. Even the most reluctant of GOP leaders will be standing by his side in November. None of this can happen right away, the charade of Trump being the despised outsider must continue for a few months.

Look at this however you want, but the signs are obvious. Donald Trump's days as an independent wild card have ended and he has returned to the Illuminati. All it cost was the life of one has been pop star.


  1. A truly interesting concept, understood the unseen hand is at work, only those deceived and totally blind to the obvious, cannot see that politic and current world events are not being carefully orchestrated, just like a WWE wrestling show, all the performers are simply playing the role they have been assigned, Shakespeare well said, " all the world is a stage and the people only actors." and Sir Frances Bacon would know. In the words of Solomon " There truly is nothing new under the Sun. What is has been before, and what shall be has already been.

  2. You are forgetting the variable, the illuminati card specifically the enough is enough, I believe it means assassination, so watch for a big staged event , perhaps it's trumps running mate who will usher the new world order ,hint hint

  3. i believe you're at least mistaken in the premise that trump had some kind of leverage into it. you conveniently ignore the fact that it is a hierarchical cult; think the army meets clergy meets royalty... he just did what has ordered to do; no hesitation, no questions asked; by definition. since trump obv wasn't born into high ranks, he was merely an agent; albeit a higher than average one, i must admit; although obv not as much as hillary. all politicians are in the known. no-one is even remotely placed in a preposition for office, that has not been throughly preapproved. if it doesn't seems that way, it's merely because he doesn't come directly from a standard political background. which is the same to say that he hasn't been initiated properly into the gop. but more importantly, because they set it up to be that way; by design1 which i personally think it's pretty clever on their behalf. what better way to sell the product of an outsider, that one that actually appears like one; at least in the surface. i would precisely choose trump for the desired effect, being even famous enough to be considered the big celebrity of the lot; yet also apt enough to be thought as the next head of state. there never was a departure; i truly don't get where you get that he ever was truly antiestablishment from the start. except if you foolishly wanted to believe that was the case in this damned system of things which there could ever be such a preposterous thing to begin with, of course...

  4. Wow. I don't think I've ever seen so much completely unsupported speculation in one place before. You should really get some kind of award for this.

  5. Interesting... but fear not my friends... these satanic worshippers will get their master and all his loving care. Darkness is all that awaits them, they can manipulate the mortal world, but to be honest that is a fruitless endeavor anyways. Ah so pathetic.

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