Saturday, March 5, 2016

Home Alone 2: Another Illuminati 9/11 Warning

The signs foretelling future disasters are all over films and popular culture, and we here at IW continue to provide you with the most current research. One subject that has received countless attention from us and many others is 9/11. Regardless of what you may think or believe, we have unearthed a plethora of evidence that indicates the Illuminati had planned the attack from the very beginning and was so confident in its success that it allowed for overt signs and warnings to be placed in movies, TV shows, and music videos. We were the first to expose the signs in Hannibal and the Beastie Boys, and now we are about to bring you something original again, overt warnings in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Before we get started, we want to issue this disclaimer. Conspiracy theorists have discussed the Twin Towers being in the film, but they haven't connected the signs the way we have. With that said, we'll continue.

This movie, released in 1992, was a pretty bad follow up to the already ridiculous Home Alone. Let's face it, the plot was even more unrealistic and the cliches about as stereotypical as they could get. However beneath the surface, something more sinister lurks. 

We'll start with the scene where Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin (a brainwashed MK Ultra space case unto himself), visits the World Trade Center and stands on the observation deck of the South Tower. The scene itself also provides many shots and panoramic views of the Twin Towers. Now, this in and of itself does not say too much. Lots of films provide shots of the Twin Towers, although the emphasis is creepily ominous.

Now, the other creepy connection is that Kevin flies to New York on an American Airlines Boeing 767 jumbo jet, the exact model of aircraft used in the 9/11 attacks, not to mention the same airline. Okay, we do realize that it was a United flight that crashed into the South Tower, but an American Airlines 767 crashed into the North Tower. And in Home Alone 2, close ups of such an aircraft can be seen prior to Kevin's arrival in the Big Apple.

Here's how it plays out to offer a subtle warning of the 9/11 attacks. In a pathetic and hurried search for batteries, Kevin becomes separated from his family and boards an American Airlines 767 bound for New York. The movie provides several shots of the plane taxiing, taking off from O'Hare, and landing at JFK. As soon as Kevin deplanes and realizes that he has shaken off his family yet again, he heads straight for the World Trade Center. He doesn't find a hotel first or eat a hot meal, he goes straight to the towers. The order here is critical. Director Chris Columbus wanted to place the scenes of the 767 as close as possible to Kevin's visit to the South Tower. Columbus likely knew that he couldn't divulge much (that is if he truly knew anything to divulge, he may have been acting under orders), but he did provide a little snippet that became all too apparent in the aftermath of the attack.

This breakthrough is another crucial piece of research to silence those who continue to maintain that it's all coincidental. To the skeptics, we say that there must be an awful lot of "coincidences" to dismiss. If they regarded the Illuminati's existence as a real possibility instead of a farce, they'd definitely launch an all out investigation based on the preponderance of evidence. 

And that's not all of it, either. Here's another nugget we would like the skeptics to think over. The most iconic skyscraper in New York prior to 9/11 was the Empire State Building, not the World Trade Center. If Kevin wanted to get the best high rise experience, wouldn't he have gone to there instead. Not only that, but the Empire State Building looks better on film too. Think about that one for a moment.

Based on these findings, we here at IW conclude that Home Alone 2: Lost in New York was yet another warning of the 9/11 attacks that was just subtle enough to go unnoticed until it was too late.  


  1. I have some too,

    In the movie Executive Decision, the stewardess would identify a bomber seated in the plane at seat number 21K. Now the month September has 30 days. So 30-21 is 9. Then the alphabet K corresponds to the number 11. Therefore 21/K is 9/11

    In Terminator 2, the robots model numbers are T1000 and T101.
    Now 1000-101 is 899. The alphabet T corresponds to the number 20. So 899+20 is 919. Again September has 30 days, so 30-19 is 11. 9/19 is 9/11. Maybe I went to far lol!

    Anyways, what I wanted to say was, it seems you can arrive to the number 9/11 from any movies prior to the Twin tower blast.

    Just one more, In the movie Con Air, the prisoners gain control of the plane in Carson City. Just remove the repeated alphabets from both those words and you are left with S,C,T,Y.

    S-September, C-Crash, T-Towers, Y-York


  2. Oh I forgot this movie...
    Jackie Chan's Who Am I?. He fights two guys on top of a building name HEINIX HOLDINGS. Now,the alphabets corresponds to the numbers are as follows:

    Now 88-69 is 19. Again September has 30 days, so 30-19 is 11. 9/11

    But wait, the number 88 makes reference to the 9-11 heroes of the 88th floor documentary.

    Also, Jackie Chan carries passports in a black bag, which falls off in a fight scene from top of the building making a reference to the alleged passports of the hijackers from 9/11 attacks found by the FBI.

    Coincidence? Ha.

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