Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why the Illuminati Tolerates Alex Jones

Anyone who is into conspiracy theories, the NWO in particular, has likely heard of Alex Jones. This American icon has literally become the embodiment of all paranoid ideas ranging from the Illuminati to the truth behind 9/11, and the obvious question is why does he get so much publicity? If the NWO is as powerful as conspiracy theorists claim, then how come those behind it don't silence him? On a BBC program that Jones made a guest appearance, one of the commentators stated that only two answers existed to this question, either that the NWO doesn't exist or that he's part of it. We here at IW feel differently and have another more plausible explanation.

To really understand where we're coming from, you need to know what we think about Alex Jones. First and foremost, we think that he truly believes in everything he says and that his convictions are genuine. What we also think is that he is a poor representative of those who are convinced of the reality of the NWO. Now, this doesn't mean that we think his stories and websites are rubbish ( and They are actually very good at covering what the mainstream media doesn't want you to know. However, listening to Jones and seeing his appearances on shows such as Piers Morgan have convinced us that he lacks an analytical mind as well as self-control. 

His appearances on CNN and BBC are little more than discombobulated rants that seek to shout down the opposition rather than dissect its claims one by one. Jones disregarded any and all forms of civilized debate and yelled his way to the next commercial break. At one point, his shouting became so obnoxious where the host lamented that "there is an idiot on the stage." To those watching, he must have appeared as nothing more than a delusional nut rather than an authority on his subject, a laughing stock really. In all honesty, we think his appearances stand a better chance at being labeled as comedy than news. Should this person be the face of the movement to stop the NWO?

We think not, but what chance is there of pushing him aside? The ultimate reason why Jones is so popular is that the Illuminati knows that he's too eccentric to be credible. Those guest spots played right into the order's hands as he shouted, yelled, and insulted everyone who disagreed with him. Instead of convincing people of his beliefs, Jones turned them against such thoughts. After all, who would want to share the convictions of that whack job? And as logic follows, since he is the spokesperson, whoever supports his ideals must be either equally or even more delusional. Indeed, the Illuminati have attained a great victory with Alex Jones.

Most people do not adhere to the Illuminati/NWO conspiracy, and Jones is a big reason why. The mind is easy to manipulate, and it doesn't take much to create an air of legitimacy or vice versa. By allowing Jones to have his radio shows and websites, the Illuminati are conning people into believing that anyone who thinks such an idea is credible is certifiably nuts. Meanwhile, the order maintains authority with outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, and NPR. These networks twist and distort the facts more than any other. They just do so with an underhanded civility. 

Those who want to stop the Illuminati and protect America from the NWO deserve a better voice.

To see what we mean when we say that Alex Jones is not a good representative, check out the following link.


  1. One explanation could be that he is an Illuminati member. There is a so called "ex" Illuminati/Annunaki member who blogs about their secrets and he says Alex is one of them. Food for thought.

  2. I think you nailed it ,he des more harm to conspiracy theories then the Illuminati

  3. I think you people better wake up because the end is near. And God will not be mocked.