Sunday, April 6, 2014

Delta Force: The Illuminati's Crack Troops

Whenever we think of military heroes, teams such as the Navy Seals, Air Force Special Ops, and the Army Rangers come to mind. Each of these divisions boasts elite troops and are pop-culture icons, but there is one such team that is much more than highly trained soldiers, Delta Force. This division of the Army serves as the Illuminati's special troops who are trained to do the secret order's dirty work across the world. Officially, Delta Force is an anti-terrorist/special-ops team, and little is known about it. The Pentagon ensures that most of the information remains classified, while simultaneously manipulating the public's perceptions through propaganda.

Hollywood has done a fabulous job of promoting Delta Force as a heroic group of elite soldiers. Films such as "Black Hawk Down" and the "Delta Force" series have done wonders to create a dazzling public image. Indeed whenever people think of Delta Force, images of Eric Bana and Chuck Norris saving the day come to mind. This is exactly how the brainwashing works. By glorifying the division in film, average Americans will believe that Delta Force is heroism incarnate and that anyone who slights it is unpatriotic. Well, we here at IW are about to be "unpatriotic."

In reality, Delta Force operates outside of normal Army regulations. The unit has no official uniform, and its soldiers frequently work in civilian clothes. Hairstyles also fit this pattern. Unlike other Army personnel who sport the traditional "buzz" cut, Delta Force troops can wear their hair however they want. This allows them to function in secret, and they can operate anywhere including American soil. Not exactly what we see from Chuck Norris, is it?

What scares us the most is the division's ability to work on U.S. soil and not be identified. This means that the president or other higher ups in the executive branch can order the team to do whatever dirty work that needs to be done, keep the operations classified, and avoid any issues with the courts. Using the FBI or other law enforcement agencies would require full disclosure and present legal challenges. All of which would make a cover up more difficult. By utilizing an elite force, the executive branch can do whatever it pleases, and who is it that controls this branch? 

Whenever the Illuminati have needed to manipulate a military operation for its own aims, it has called on Delta Force. At the battle of Tora Bora in 2001, the unit was used to ensure that Osama Bin Laden escaped and that the War on Terror could continue. Had the Al Qaeda leader been apprehended, the Illuminati would not have been able to take away our civil liberties so easily. Delta Force was also involved in the Somali civil war in 1993. Its failure during the Mogadishu raid convinced America to withdraw its forces and remain isolated from future-African conflicts. Within a year, the Rwandan genocide occurred. Was it a coincidence that the U.S. used Mogadishu as a basis for not getting involved? 

Also, let's not forget the Illuminati symbolism used by Delta Force. For starters, the name itself is a blatant reference to the secret order because delta is synonymous of triangle. The team could just as easily be called Triangle Force, there really is no difference. More symbolism is apparent in some of the unit's logos. These, of course, are triangles, but there is something else to consider. When you turn the triangle onto another side, it looks like a "6." These overt references are just more examples of how the Illuminati hide in plain sight.

Before judging us as unpatriotic, please consider that we are not speaking about the perception of Delta Force. Obviously, bashing the heroic efforts of soldiers is not supporting America. No, what we are discussing is a secret force of crack troops that can operate outside of military regulations and can even operate on U.S. soil. This is not what Hollywood has depicted nor will it ever depict. Between the information that's available and the blatant symbolism, we have concluded that Delta Force serves the Illuminati.


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