Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Steve Bannon: An Illuminati Secret Agent on the Trump Team?

The media has been in an uproar since President Donald Trump announced the appointment of Steve Bannon as one of his top advisers. Reporters and libtards alike are freaking out over this man's supposed anti-Semitism and leadership of Breitbart.com, the leading alt right news site, and in a strange twist of irony, we are also crying foul. Not because of this man's controversial statements but because of his role at what was once one of the most promising sources of journalism.

When under the leadership of its original founder, Andrew Breitbart, Breitbart.com was most promising and delivered thorough conservative coverage. That all changed when Breitbart died under very mysterious circumstances. Of course, we know better than to believe the false reports that claimed he died of "natural" causes. Bannon may have been involved in his death. With the founder gone, a struggle for the website's control ensued and Bannon came out on top. Unlike Breitbart, he decided to take the site in a different direction. Instead of publishing credible articles that went into great depth on their subjects, Bannon opted for click bait intended to rack up page views. This generated more ad revenue and destroyed Breitbart.com's credibility turning it into easy fodder for libtard pundits.

Bannon's biography also indicates strong Illuminati ties. He received an MBA from Harvard Business School and likely joined the order there. Then he advanced his career at Goldman Sachs and invested in several successful television shows such as Seinfeld before joining the board of Breitbart.com. Posing as an alt right conservative to convice the founder that he was for real, Bannon maneuvered himself into a perfect spot for Illuminati espionage. Once Andrew Breitbart was out of the way, he was able to take over the company and transform it into the media's favorite paper tiger.

Why did Trump appoint this Illuminati poser onto his team is up for speculation? Is he scared that the order will come after him like it did with JFK, or does he want to return now that he has made his point? It's also possible that Trump's election was a pure Illuminati con and we're all screwed. Then again we would not have been better off with Hillary Clinton who espoused NWO beliefs up and down the campaign trail, so who knows? 

What we do know is that Steve Bannon is no true believer. The policies that Trump proposes run against everything that man learned at Harvard. He is little more than a shill to appease the extreme right element that propelled Trump to the presidency. Do not fall for it. Trump's election proved that Illuminati brainwashing has a long way to go before the population is subdued. We must hold him and his choices accountable.


  1. This conspiracy theory stretches the bounds of reality about as far as humanly possible. I see no facts; no substantiating evidence or proof that anything put forth in this article has even a remote basis in truth. I don’t doubt that there are Illuminati at play who are entirely ruthless but to call Steve Bannon a member without proof is a little beyond the pale. Trump is a big boy and knows how to play the game, it will be interesting to see who comes out of the contest on top…..don’t forget that there are now millions of people who are politically awake and will not be going back to the MSM for more programming.

    1. I really wish you had engaged with the article's content as opposed to just saying that it's beyond the bounds of reality. In case you didn't read it, I did state numerous facts. Facts that when pieced together create a very plausible theory. Your issue with the piece isn't so much my conclusions, it's your admiration for Steve Bannon. Maybe if you looked at him more objectively, you could see that he is not all that he appears.