Saturday, September 10, 2016

How the Illuminati Monitors Our Thoughts

With the end times approaching, the Illuminati has become ever more adept at monitoring our thoughts. One would think that its techniques would involve surveys and psychological studies, but the reality is much scarier. The order is doing it through technology. Secret Illuminati agents around the country are gathering information on random average people while often causing horrific side effects. Their tool of choice is the Directed Energy Weapon or DEW. This device is commonplace and can be mounted on a car chassis or other portable generator and can monitor brain activity down to the neuron level from up to 50 yards away. 

This is a device developed by the Illuminati following its launch of the MK Ultra program decades ago. The original prototypes were the size of tractor trailers and could not leave the testing facilities, but that changed with the advent of the microchip and refinement of MRI technology. Now high-grade DEWs are about the size of footballs. Low-grade models are made to mimic smartphones. When implemented, the high-grades induce vertigo, spikes in blood pressure, and intense anxiety. The victim may think they're having a mini-stroke or hypertensive crisis, but the reading only takes 30 seconds and the symptoms subside once the signal is turned off. 

Once completed, the Illuminati has a complete brain scan that can actually reveal what the person was thinking in detail. This allows the order to determine if its brainwashing program is working as well as assists in determining methods of improvement. Such campaigns have led to ever increasing focus on duping people through sports propaganda and events. We here at IW are looking for patterns and symbols on ESPN and the tribal event that is college football. All of those fans who show up to College Game Day with their signs have no idea as to how they're being studied. 

Alcohol infused events are prime targets for the Illuminati's agents and their DEWs. Drunk people make ideal subjects too. Alcohol lowers their inhibitions and allows for more instinctive thought, and the side effects from the device's signals can easily be misinterpreted as "having had too much to drink". How many fans will be saying "Roll Tide, Roll" after discovering this? We do think that the classic tin foil hat can help disrupt the signal's ability to read our minds. However, it can do little to ease the painful side effects.

People are becoming more aware that DEWs are real and have been deployed. Do a little internet sleuthing, and you'll find dozens of stories of people who knew they had been targeted. These are individuals with unique knowledge about the Illuminati's inner workings and are being made to look insane as they try to expose the truth. Instead of supporting these people, the general population is being told that they're "Alt Right" and in the "Basket of deplorables" by shills like Hillary Clinton. How can those under attack win when everyone is set against them? 

That is the Illuminati, and it's marching towards victory at a quickening pace. The little bit of resistance remaining has no hope for victory. We continue to speak to each other in our effort to survive the oncoming apocalypse that will usher in the New World Order. 


  1. yep
    i am a TI
    i am rh negative
    and a freemason
    my life has been programmed and controlled from the start

    1. my son has had symptoms since birth, evil pricks

    2. What's the significance of your blood type? I ask because I'm rh positive

    3. Negatives have higher psychic ability tgahts why lits of movies are about people with special abilities lately, higher psychic ability = higher mind control

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  3. Some of the high level illuminati use those creatures from the Nasa videos such as 'the Nasa tether incident' to influence and control high priority targets. It sounds crazy but there it is. They call them Ophanim.

  4. You all forget that the most important aspect of Scientology and Illuminati (both are same) is that they have technology, resources and promise of lives after death. Dont be amazed, all the 12 Grand Masters of Illuminati are of very young age. Why, because they are re-born. Just read the secret books of Scientology and you would not that after hard practice anyone can adopt a new homo sapien body at the time of conception but firstly it is very hard to reach the point where you can occupy bodies and secondly more difficult is to remember after being re-born who you were before your new birth. The authentic members of Illuminati are only those who have reborn and could remember their real identity being a previous member of Illuminati and Scientology. The difference between Illuminati and Scientology is that Illuminati is principal organization and Scientology is its training facility which supports its members to learn and practice technologies about occupying bodies and remembering their identity. It is also true that we the human are extra terrestrial beings who were compelled to adopt homo sapian bodies but we have lost our identity as Thetan (our real identity as immortal entity).