Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson: The Illuminati's Psychotic Candidate

As of now, there are four high profile presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Dr. Ben Carson. All of whom have deep connections within the Illuminati and are awaiting the secret reveal of who gets the job, which is done well in advance of the general election. The last of the big four (Carson) is the biggest and most fascinating mystery. He's a prominent and religious neurosurgeon who now wants to run the country. His profile is not necessarily the order's most typical such as those of Clinton and Jeb Bush, but it does resemble something else, that of a violent psychopath.

Here's some basic background information on Carson. He grew up in poverty-stricken Detroit in a religious household before straightening his life out and graduating from University of Michigan's medical school. When examining his early life, Carson states that he was a violent individual who even attempted to stab someone during an argument. He also admitted to using lethal weapons such as bricks and rocks to harm others. As he grew older, Carson said he changed and progressed into a surgeon.

It's the violent past that's the indicator that the once-physician-now-turned-candidate is psychotic. Between his desires to do serious bodily harm and his chosen profession of brain surgery, no doubt can exist that Carson derives some sort of sick pleasure from opening up people and picking them apart like lifeless objects. If you think we're wrong, just take into consideration that surgery is one of the top occupations for psychopaths.

The Illuminati needs people like Dr. Carson in its ranks. His psychotic mind lacks all empathy making him perfect for the ethnic cleansing that will follow once the New World Order comes to power. If this man hadn't been recruited when he was an undergrad at Yale, he might have turned into a heinous criminal. No doubt, the order's MK Ultra programming taught him to channel his violent desires by slicing into patients. The programming might also have resulted in his low-key and calm demeanor, which eliminates emotion and subverts violent behavior.

In fact, this guy even has a pop-culture counterpart and that's the fictitious serial killer Dexter Morgan. When you think about it, the two have a lot in common. In public they're both very calm, subtle, and mild mannered, but in private they're violent, blood thirsty psychos. Like Carson, Dexter had to confront what he was and channel it into a useful purpose. The character even chose a profession to match his personality, blood-spatter analyst. Also, Dexter committed his crimes with the preciseness of a scientist and made his trophies from blood drops and lab slides. Carson works in the same manner, and who knows what kind of twisted prizes he keeps. This man is not a normal human. To quote Dexter's nemesis Doakes, he's more like a "f***ing lizard on ice." 

Why the Illuminati wanted him on its short list of presidential hopefuls is open to speculations. It could indicate that the order is getting closer to taking full control and will want a senseless, methodical monster at the helm to exterminate most of the world's population. Another possibility is to aid in the destruction of the religious right. His presence, media coverage, and support could all be a clever plot in order to drive moderates into supporting homosexuality and abortion. 

Regardless of why's he's in the race, the key thing to remember is that he is dangerous. Many of those who think that he is running against the Illuminati might just be taking the bait. Remember, he fits the profile of a psychopath. He has a violent history, became a surgeon, and attended Yale. This man is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and he thrives on blood. His efforts to restore America to its Christian roots are only working to decay them further. 

The Illuminati has the 2016 election in the bag. It's only a matter of which pawn best fits the order's immediate agenda. 


  1. He grew up in Detroit ..... and then became a respected brain surgeon. You people are the psychopaths !

  2. All brain surgeons, dr's , lawyers , CEOs , and many other professionals are respected - doesn't make them good - you fool - they do bad despicable things all the time just cause there wealthy and respected doesn't mean anything - wake up - there symbol is everywhere and they control everything you sheep

  3. Dr. Ben Carson has done nothing but save lives as a gifted surgeon, and has uplifted many underprivileged students with his financial resources through scholarships and such like things. You know what? You must be a pathological psychopath to write such heinous things about a man whose life has so positively affected several other lives and has given hope to many. Go and ask the children whose lives he has saved and their family members what they think of your article. By the way, how many lives have you saved? How much were you paid by your sponsors to write such things? Perhaps nobody paid you to write these things. You just hate the man for condemning the disgusting sexual inclinations of homosexuals like you. You can pretend all you want. You’re given away for who you are.

    1. You're just upset because deep down you know what we say is true.

  4. Bruce, I believe people in government like the Clinton's , Bush's and Obama's are in the Illuminati .the cult , the Satan lovers. But you are way out of line, the Bible says , you will tell a person by the fruits they bear. Ben Carson , has demonstrated ,love , compassion and Love of the Lord Jesus Christ,, including him among the rest of the illuminati Satans , just proves your opinion is not a fact

  5. Honestly a majority of society will be unable to accept this truth. They literally show us EVERYTHING going on in movies and television, and people see it on TV and think, "oh, it's only TV." Dr. Ben Carson fits the description of a psychopath. Dexter is his literal counterpart.