Saturday, September 19, 2015

The All Seeing Eye on LSU's Home Field and Other Sightings

Lately, we here at IW have been more focused on conspiracy theories and not so much on recent sightings of symbolism. That changes today. We have decided to update our already large list of Illuminati symbols hiding in plain sight, and they are plentiful.

We'll start with the 50 yard line at LSU's Tiger Stadium where the All Seeing Eye stares at all of us while we enjoy college football. Instead of choosing the traditional tiger face logo, the powers that be (NWO) selected a single tiger's eye to be painted at midfield. LSU fans surely perceive this to be a "cool and hip" image meant to intimidate opponents, but it's really just another subtle Illuminati symbol letting us know that they're hiding in plain sight. Something else to consider is that CBS is the premier network for SEC football.

The single eye of the beast can be seen elsewhere too. Take the MGM lion logo as an example. When the icon begins to appear on screen, all you see is a close up of the lion's eye as the camera zooms out to capture the whole animal. The Illuminati had the MGM logo presentation altered to incorporate its symbolism. Once again, this is supposed to appear as a modernized version of a traditional film symbol. That's what they want you to think.

Another sighting was in "Dumb and Dumber To". Before we continue, we will say that this movie was an entire waste of time, but it did include some obvious Eye of Providence references. These can be seen when the characters Harry and Lloyd enter a studio during the taping of a talk show. In the background, there are numerous TV screens showing that show's logo, which is a single eye. This can be seen multiple times throughout the scene meaning that it's another obvious Illuminati sign.

The significance of all of these symbols is simple. The Illuminati is telling us that they are in control whether it be through sports, pop culture, or politics. Its members dominate our lives. The only reason why any resistance is allowed is because they have successfully listed us as paranoid crazies to be mocked. We, however, will not be deterred and will continue to bring you the truth. Also, feel free to list your own sightings as well in the comments. Saving our future is up to You!


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  1. Hello Bruce
    Thank you for your artikel, i found it very true and i really agree with what you say when you wrote "The Illuminati is telling us that they are in control whether it be through sports, pop culture, or politics." I believe that we can find evidence in the pop culture songs, and i have started to examine this. But i do not have the same experience and the same sharp eyes as you do. You have shown the truth for many years, and i admire that. Your blog is a real help to the people who wish to walk the same road as you. I too have started to show the world what they should see, but i lack experience. I know you probably are bussy but if you have the time, would you be so kind to share you insight over at a youtube channel. If people could read your expertis in the comments, i think they really would gain a whole new perspective on what they are seeing.
    this is a video from the channel i mentioned earlier:
    Thank you for your insight