Saturday, April 4, 2015

How the Illuminati Controls the Universities

Knowledge, prestige, and cutting-edge research, all of these are synonymous with academia. Its reputation depends upon the masses believing that only the most elite minds fill the halls of the ivory tower. With this perception comes an air of infallibility, a notion that all authority rests with the "experts", but is this really the case? Are our universities truly the bastions of ideas, free speech, and objective thinking that the media and pop culture would have us believe? To many, the answer is no, yet there is no shaking the credibility of an academic opinion on almost any matter or the belief that colleges truly promote self-expression. 

To understand how all of this fits together, you must realize how academia fits into the Illuminati's grand scheme. For starters, professors make up a large portion of the order's ranks. These are the faculty that attended elite programs such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. Those that went to lesser institutions such as state schools didn't meet the criteria but nevertheless had to fit the sinful profile of the Illuminati. 

Here's how it works. Academic departments at the large research institutions will say that their faculty is hired and granted tenure based on research production. That in itself is a colossal lie. Hiring decisions are never based on production but rather degree prestige. Take this real-life scenario as an example. Two recent Ph.Ds apply for a tenure track position at the University of Georgia. Candidate A published three articles in scholarly journals and has his dissertation under contract to become a book, he received his degree from LSU. Candidate B has no articles and has yet to find a publisher for his dissertation, he completed his graduate studies at Princeton. Of course, Candidate B got the job. 

Academia has little interest in producing research but allowing the infiltration of Illuminati members to squash any intellectual resistance. As faculties across the nation become filled with only graduates from the "elite" schools, opportunities for new perspectives are becoming fewer. New ideas are not welcome unless they fit with their philosophies. For example, a student conducting research on how climate change is not happening as the scientific community says will find no home in the universities. If anything, dissidents like that are driven out and black listed. 

By creating an atmosphere of intimidation (your work must agree with our thinking or get lost), the Illuminati is ensuring that only scholars of its choosing become authorities on all subjects. These people then go on to advise officials and provide news commentary whenever opportunities arise which adds further to the brainwashing program. University professors also serve as toxic influences on our youngest talent. Education is a long and delicate process. Those who are receiving it are highly impressionable and don't know better. It also doesn't help that they see these professors through the air of elitism that our culture has applied to higher learning. Needless to say, these bright young minds are being brainwashed.

Those that go to college and do not fall for the Illuminati's pseudo-intellectual trash find their path to graduation difficult if not impossible. Professors will grade them lower due to disagreeing with their perspectives, and if these students somehow make it to the graduate level, they will be tossed out and humiliated with impunity. Is this really the environment of free speech and objective thinking that we associate with academia? Certainly not, unless those ideas involve having gay orgies on the quad.

Like pop culture and banking, institutions of higher learning are just another method of thought control. By convincing the masses that people who deny climate change or promote godly morals are stupid and ignorant, the Illuminati is moving ever closer to its ultimate goal. Even the smartest of us all is easily seduced by the lure of acceptance into the academic community and denigrating dissidents is a small price to pay for inclusion. Be wary of this and remember that universities are not where new ideas are born. They are the places where truth and decency go to die.


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    1. Soooo true. Exactly what happened to me during my college career. I dropped out. Its a piece of shit. why? You pay them money to brainwash yourself. Its sort of like drinking coka cola or smoking cigarettes. You pay to die.

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  3. The good thing about this piece is that those who it is written for will not read it and get to know the truth because they are so engrossed in their daily tread mill. So, the situation remains the same and we win.

  4. This blog is spot on. These universities also defy EPA and other regulatory agencies with impunity. Exposing employees, students, patients and visitors with known toxic pathogens with very little intervention from the government. The trustees, provost and administration are also involved in fraud, money laundering, kick backs, questionable accounting practices and bribery. You may not believe it but even murder and false charges and litigation against whistle blowers.

  5. look its a ball lol it never was or will b . I WANT THE POLICE TO WAKE UP AS WELL