Thursday, June 20, 2013

TWA Flight 800: The Illuminati's Dress Rehearsal for 9/11

In July 1996, TWA Flight 800 exploded over New York harbor killing everyone aboard. Unlike most air disasters, many eyewitnesses reported that this was not a crash but an attack on one of America's airliners. Even NTSB investigators have come forward to say that this was no accident and that foul play was definitely afoot. The evidence leading to a conspiracy is compelling as well. Witness accounts are just the beginning. Photos, radar images, and leaked reports prove that TWA Flight 800 was not the result of an electrical accident but of a deliberate attack. It could not have been terrorists, or else the government would have revealed it. This leaves just two questions, who did it and why?

For those that agree with the conspiracy theories, answering the first question is easy. Only the U.S. government could have pulled off such a feat and maintained a cover-up. However, why they did it is a complete mystery. What motive could the federal government have for committing mass murder? As far as most of the government is concerned, there is no possible reason. The vast majority of government officials and servicemen work for the people. On the other hand, the Illuminati had a great deal of interest in bringing down TWA Flight 800, and their puppet operatives performed almost flawlessly in their efforts. The only mistakes were the witness accounts and leaked reports.

Now, why would the NWO do such a thing? As far as accomplishing any major goals, the Illuminati had no plans for TWA Flight 800 in helping with their quest for global domination. To the NWO, this was more of a dress rehearsal for something even more sinister such as the 9/11 attacks. Such a massive terrorist attack required a high degree of practice and orchestration before being implemented, and bringing down a fully fueled passenger liner provided the Illuminati with much information to aid in their plans.

First, seeing a jumbo jet explode gave the NWO much needed insight into how much force such an event creates. They also learned about the range and size of the fireball as well as falling debris. By choosing a full flight, they could also gain knowledge about the probability of survivors. This all proved vital to their plans. By understanding the destructive power of a fully fueled jumbo jet, the Illuminati were one step closer to implementing 9/11 and their plans to create world chaos while simultaneously restricting the freedom and movement of Americans.

The second reason for the NWO bringing down a plane was that they needed a practice run for covering up a conspiracy. This was highly revealing to those in the highest echelons of the secret order. Many mistakes were made, and information was too freely shared. Both of which led to leaks. While the Illuminati could afford a few errors on something on a smaller scale such as TWA Flight 800, they couldn't on something as large as 9/11. Following the NTSB investigations and allegations of foul play, the secret order learned a great deal about how to maintain a conspiracy. When it comes to 9/11, very little hard evidence suggesting anything else other than an Al Qaeda attack exists.

Many skeptics argue that pulling off the September 11th attacks was just too big a conspiracy to succeed without someone saying something, and that is a valid argument. However, the Illuminati didn't just pull off their dastardly actions with a few plans and discussions. They rehearsed it through other disasters. This allowed them to iron out any mistakes they might have made, which made 9/11 everything they wanted it to be.

The Illuminati are not gods. They are people, and people make mistakes. Actors and stage crews rehearse continuously to make sure a stage play is perfectly performed. 9/11 was no different. Endless practice was needed to make sure everything happened according to plan. To the Illuminati, TWA Flight 800 was just another rehearsal, one that revealed that many improvements were needed before opening night.

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