Monday, April 14, 2014

AIDS and Its Twisted Illuminati Agenda

The 1980s was in many ways a pivotal decade. The Cold War came to an end, and the economy began to surge. It was also the first time that the American public learned about AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) as well as the gay culture that the disease originally infected. Many conspiracy theories have emerged about how the epidemic started. Some say it was a government plot to rid the U.S. of homosexuals. Others suggest that it was a curse sent from God to smite those who lived sinful lives. Regardless of what has been said, little has been written about the real reasons why AIDS reared its head when it did, and the Illuminati's true purpose was twisted beyond imagination.

The years of Ronald Reagan were somewhat of a backlash against liberalism as well as the Illuminati. Whatever the president's connections to the organization that helped him rise to power, he never really seemed to go along with the secret order's agenda. With conservatism on the rise, the Illuminati needed to get its sick programs back into focus, and one of those was an acceptance of homosexuality. During the 1960s, being gay was making progress towards becoming an accepted lifestyle, most of which was later stifled by the Nixon and Ford administrations. In other words, the Illuminati needed to reboot its strategy.

The discovery of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in the 1970s provided that opportunity (History records that the virus itself was not discovered until the mid-1980s, just more brainwashing by the order). Knowing that the disease could be transmitted by few vectors other than sex, the Illuminati decided to deliberately infect America's gay population, including some of its own members. We know this sounds crazy but bear with us here, it will make sense.

By causing an epidemic among homosexuals (males in particular), the Illuminati was able to steer the media into covering this horrible plight, which in turn provided sympathy for gays. Instead of being viewed as deviants or perverts, homosexuals began to be seen as victims. Individual case studies telling the tragedies of numerous individuals began to pour into America's living rooms. Within a few years, Americans began to relent on some of its reservations about gay sex. By the 1990s, gays could openly flaunt their orientation in public. Ellen Degeneres came out on here show, and then there's the all too famous Seinfeld quote, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

None of this acceptance would have occurred when it did if it wasn't for the AIDS crisis. While the Illuminati sacrificed hundreds of thousands of its own to pave the road to acceptance, the strategy was successful. AIDS forced America to focus on the plight of gays and see their lifestyle as non-threatening to their own. However, the Illuminati did not stop there. Instead of attaining mere toleration, it pushed (and continues to do so) to make homosexuality a mainstream lifestyle. Artists such as Katy Perry encourage children to experiment with bi-sexuality, and other programs such as "Six Feet Under" imply that everyone can be gay if they make the choice.

This revolution of homosexuality is now in full throttle, and it has been building since those very first AIDS cases were diagnosed over thirty years ago. That is the Illuminati's victory and its success after its failure in the 1960s.

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